No Smoking Day

Into my second month

Stopped on 3rd October, I had pneumonia and just stopped, but is has not been easy. I have been browsing these boards since then , but I didnt think it would last so I didnt post, but now I feel more confident.

I am also withdrawing off diazepam, which to be honest is much worse than the cigarette withdrawal. Because of the 2 things together, the anxiety has been unbearable at times, but I have not had a cigarette.

I thought by now that my lung capacity would have started to improve, but although my breathing at rest is easier, my breathing excercising is no better. This could also be from the pneumonia and/ or the diazepam withdrawal, so it may take some time.

The good thing is I dont want to smoke and have become very determined not to.

Good luck to everyone else.

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Congrats! I hope you start to feel better really soon. You are doing an amazing job and it sounds like you will stay on the smoke free path from now on. Getting over pneumonia can take ages. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about a medication called Speriva (sp?). My mother-in-law and my grandmother are both taking that for their breathing and it is doing wonders. They both smoked for many years and are now just recently in the quit stages. Mother in law has been smoke free for about 1.5 months after she caught pneumonia like yourself.

Keep up the good work and you WILL notice a huge difference soon. If your breathing doesn't start to get better you really should go to see the doctor ;)



Be proud you are taking some huge steps.... you will feel your health improving... be patient and take it as it comes. Not smoking will definitely help you with the pneumonia


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