No Smoking Day

End of day 7


Well I made it for a week, thanks for you support on hereso far. Saw my nurse today - who said that it was ok that I just take one tablet a day chopped in half so I still only take 1mg per day. I was under the impression though that I knew more about how to take Champix than she was.:confused:

I took the carbon monoxide test and reached the heady heights of number 1 - the lowest! She asked if I still had cigarettes available to me - which I have - she didn't quite understand my reasoning with why I wanted to hold onto them. I am sure that some of you will understand that I have to have them available as it proves my willpower with not having one of them..does that make sense??

I have so much more energy - have bought some running shoes and with the money I have saved so far a new MP3 player and I have been bouncing around on my trampoline to boppy music and knackered myself out - it can only be good :D

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Hey Turbogal - WELL DONE !!

I haven't been on for a few days - but I'm in double figures (not by much!) and I know how hard it is to get the first week out of the way. Everything from now on is just a battle with your mind, rather than your mind and your body !! It's fantastic that you've got here - and you now need to set yourself something to BLOW the cash on at the end of the next week so that you can focus on that rather than on smelly, stinky, breath-wrecking, finger-staining, teeth-rotting, lung-busting fags !!!

You're already a non-smoker. You just gotta stick at being one !!!!




way to go turbogal x x x x

Ah funny :D

The first things i bought was trainers and an ipod too :p

Shows positive forward thinking and a good sign for the future turbogal x x

~Buffy x x


Hey, well done TG for getting to Day 7!

I think we all have our own ways of dealing with stuff.. if it helps you to keep the little killers at hand and know that you can resist, fair enough is what I say! Probably couldn 't do it myself but if you can, Power to You!:D


Yay this is great, congrats on your first week Turbogal :)

It can only be good, you're right. I haven't bought anything new for myself yet because so far the mere thought of the number of cigarettes I'm not smoking everyday is enough to keep me smiling like an idiot all day long :D


Well Done!! Turbogal, I know what you mean about keeping those smokes around a little longer. In fact, you have just reminded me...


I have just thrown mine in the bin, after running the kitchen tap over them first!!!! :) :) :)

No more going back to that rubbish.;)

Stay strong and keep fighting, we will all be free soon.


My Mom did that when she quit 3 years ago. She still has the same 1/2 pack in the kitchen drawer. She says everytime she opens the drawer and sees them and doesn't have one makes her proud. Wonder why she still has the two cartons in the deep freeze then? Knowing my Mom, she will have them in there when she dies. (she's only 67)


Two in the deep freeze!! lol thats funny :D hehehehehe

Theres sometimes cigs in my kitchen drawer too cos my bf smokes them when he gets bored of herbal baccy :D hehee


hehehehe :rolleyes: hmmm should check mine out too :p


It's me 69th post !!

Two in the deep freeze!! lol thats funny :D hehehehehe

Theres sometimes cigs in my kitchen drawer too cos my bf smokes them when he gets bored of herbal baccy :D hehee

Hmmm. Herbal baccy. Tell him to try some herbal cakes............

Well, I've saved my 69th post - and as I will only get 5 minutes on here today - I thought I'd save it for a thread that had two women putting their hands in their drawers (to see if they had a stash in there). I just can resist !!

And today's my first calendar month completed (I started on the 5th Aug)

I'm STRONG today ! It's all good.

:D :p


I caught it :D yay 69 ;)

You caught me with me hand in the FREEZER!! :p


herbal as in honey and marshmallow!!

Go Max x x

Doing fantastic

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


Yeah right

Honey and they make cakes from that ?

I've got all manner of recipies for herbal cakes.........

;) :D


Great! I didn't really think you were the baking type!!




I know I'm unlikely baker - but since I've stopped smoking I have a lot of time on my hands so I have been making my own cakes, bread, pizza bases, flavoured oil (to add to meals) and ice cubes

It's been a real opportunity to experiment and has kept me from getting into trouble. In fact I ate so much last night that even though I wanted to do a late post - I could barely move because I'd had so much to eat........

I know that everyone who has been on here has been complaining about eating instead of smoking. Me and Sharkbait seem to have the same problem. We have a little cake or two - and before you know it - we're emptying the freezer into the microwave..............still - it's better than smoking !



ah sharkbait must have to wade through piles of olive bread and garlic and rosemary oils just to see you :D hehehehehe

I consumed an entire pack of jelly babies and 1/2 pack of haribos last night >_<



Thanks Buffy and Boudee

I am actually quite chuffed with myself - as I have been weak and unmilitary in the past - but I am absolutely determined not to pack in stopping this time !

I've only just realised that there is a structure to this forum - where different people go into different threads based on how long they've been stopped for !

D'oh ! I just post wherever I want !! (as you'll have probably spotted!)

Anyway, I'm ever further away from the horrible, smelly nicotine - and I'm one day closer to tar free lungs !! Beautiful.

Thanks for your ever present support ladies! Much appreciated (Sharkbait was 2 months yesterday and helps me loads tooooooo !!!!!)



Lol Just noticed the structure :D

Your more than welcome x x x x

Well Done to you n Mrs Sharkbait x x

Head high, chin up, chest out n smile :D

~Buffy x x


WEll done Max and Sharkbait your both doing really well you both need to be proud linda xxxx


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