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Good Morning everyone did everyone have a good weekend

Hopefully smokefree.

WOW month2 up to a new level, spent a week in limbo as no week4

How is everyone doing on month 2 i am still going strong on the Champix, Saturdays are dodgy days for me i dont know why especially day9 was really bad. most saturdays i get the urge for a ciggy but it usually only lasts for a few minutes.

cazzieb congrats on reaching month2 also and to everybody else who have just arrived here on month2.

Had a good weekend didnt really think about smoking much apart from saturday, i am getting very wary as, so far apart from the odd pang i am finding giving smoking a lot easier than i thought, but i know it cant be this easy so i am bracing myself for some trying times to come, i am resolute that i am not going to give in after ive done 32 days without a smoke i dont intend wasting those days for a smoke and have to start all over again.

Good luck to everyone

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