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No Smoking Day
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hey gang

day 12 here.. woke up this morning to a wickedly sore throat, i popped some tylenol, took my zyban and waiting hopefully for it to die down a bit. i thought it could be just a dry apartment so i turned on my cool mist deal and am awaiting. I am surprised, i have had no cravings whatsoever in the last 6 days. Anybody else have a sore throat on or around there 12th day.:mad:

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I had sore throats lots on quitting, in fact since originally quitting i have had tonsillitis twice! never had it before in my life!

It is a common side effect x hang on in there x



Buffy, or anyone else in my situation....

Is it normal to still have light headness after day 13? :eek:


Completely normal for some people, up to 2 weeks always seems to be the worst period though anything can happen in the first 4 weeks.

If you have no cravings then I reckon you're doing pretty good! :)


It's the blood circulation working efficiently, pumping faster to places its struggled to reach before, with normal levels of oxygen of which it has been starved of for so long! it hasn't been able to do that in years!

It's a common side effect very normal :D

But remember not everything is always due to quitting, if you experience vomiting, pass out or get a fever you should get it checked out x x



i went to the doc this afternoon for my light head and its coming back as some vision problems (get worse when i take my glasses off or put them back on) and some effects he thinks of quitting smoking... My body is old haha, shutting down... still.... no smoking


Hi harpe x

Ah opticians next then :rolleyes:

Your body is not getting old and shutting down! it's adjusting into it's great new habitat :D hehe

Have you noticed your skin and colour improving yet? you will look 5-10 years younger when it does :D


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