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Back to square one

Hi guys

Wasn't really sure where to post now, so i've just put it here.

I'm back on the fags again. Started with one, then bought a pack on Thurs, finished the pack yesterday. This morning i thought i'd try not to smoke again, but bought some!!!

I don't qualify for just knocking a few days off my quit days as i can't honestly say i'm still quitting, i've lost the initial motivation.

Pretty annoyed with myself for getting to 2 weeks and giving in, surely i'd passed the worst of it. But it has convinced me that i can do it. I just can't stand the hard times, and the pressure seems doubled when i come to study for my exam. I've thought about putting it off until after my exam in 4 weeks, but i don't like the idea of being a smoker again, just can't dealt with the stress of not smoking.

Anyway, i'm now taking Kalms and Gingko, for stress and help with concentration and also bought some Bachs Rescue Remedy for my mini panic attacks!! I'm going to try and get my head around this and maybe start my quit again on Monday.

Please don't reply with any 'disappointed' comments, i've already had this off other people and it just makes me want to cry and light up!!

Any encouragement would be nice!

Hopefully will be back soon, i have been reading your threads and building up the courage to post this.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!!

PS, they taste bloody awful!!! They are poison but a bloody addictive poison!!

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Hi Choco

I have missed you It could happen to anyone of us Babe If it was easy it would not be a problem. I know the stress of exams my daughters taking exams to be an accountant she gets really stressed. it would be lovely if you could get back to it on monday but if not dont kick yourself four weeks is not long. Will be thinking of you Linda


Thanks Linda :) Its accountancy exams that i'm doing. This is my final one and if i pass, i'm finished. But i've failed it twice before so my confidence isn't high. I've been doing them for 6 bloody years and losing all motivation!!

I'm thinking even if i can keep the smoking low until then, then its better than nothing, but i would rather stop.

I'll keep you posted :)


2 weeks was great,at least now you know you can do it.The best thing i have learned by doing the same as you is ,learn by the quit.Now you have done it and started again,use the experience of it for next time.Good look


Morning Choco

My daughter has passed seven, five to go she is going on a course tomorrow (her boss is paying) cos she has failed this one twice I think she was thinking of giving up . I was telling her about you she said good luck this time she dont smoke but said she understands how stressfull you feel. So dont feel to bad I myself am having a very stressfull time and fighting every minute at the moment not to smoke I know it will not help but I think we just have the smokers brain haha Good luck to you anyway Babe let us know how you are doing Love Linda


There are many factors in quitting, it needs to be the right time. Right method etc etc

Each time you quit it will get a little easier, This is about my 6th attempt >_<

Don't listen to negative comments because you achieved two weeks without smoking and that can be nothing else but a positive thing!

Just take it easy, don't be directed by others, believe in yourself.

~ x X x X x ~


Thanks Buffy and Linda. I'm thinking positive about it, i stopped for 2 weeks and although 2% was hard, 98% was truly worthwhile and i much prefer being a non-smoker.

I'm going to keep trying to quit!!:)


Hi Choco poor you it looks like you have picked a bad time to quit smoking.

This is the first time I have tried to quit and I never realised what some of the side effects were like I don't find it as bad now I am into my 3rd week but at first I could not keep my concentration at all and I was very tired a lot of the time.

Perhaps you might be best to wait untill you have done your exam and then knowing you can do it because you have for 2 weeks try again.

Good luck with your exam and quitting next time :)


Hi I think you've done marvellously - I've just had a very hard weekend (day 11 & 12) and I think every one knows how you feel. Good luck with the exams and think positive that you can still come to the forum anytime you like - hey perhaps we could all meet at the lodge!

Like Justintime I think you should just use this as a learning curve and not feel down about it but use it as a stepping stone next time. I have tried to quit several times and still beleive there's 'a right time' for everyone and if you don't keep trying you'll never know. Just be happy....

All the best XX


No worries choco. It seems that most people who slip up here, is due to them suffering a lot of other stress apart from just the quitting stress.

Sometimes there is a 'right' time to quit, sometimes not. I think your right time will be very soon but possibly after your exams?

Only you will know for sure so keep us posted, if you can do 2 weeks quit then you know you have the strength to do it for ever.

Best of luck with those exams!


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