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NHL follicular

Hello, I will not have another CT SCAN until April. One year from my diagnosis in 2018.

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My year is up on April too, but no CT Scans. On w&w and just got blood work done which was normal. Nodes are stable or reducing and have not had any pain or fever. Long may that last for everyone. Not doing any scans until I think I have symptoms.


Following a March 2, 2016 CAR-T infusion, my wife (fNHL) has been in complete remission for 34+ months. She progressed from R-CHOP (2012), BR (2013), Ibrutinib (2014< and Idelalisib/rituximab (2015).


That is how the journey goes....I pray your journey leads to healing and your tx works. I checked out your profile. We have the same NHL-follicular ( I had no symptoms, but it was advanced when I was dx)

I was dx in 2000 ( but tested in 1999 missed it etc.) and I have been going every six months since 2000. I had CVP-Rituxin in 2002 and got a partial remission. I quit getting CT's from 2011 till this past summer ( 2018). My Oncologist wanted to see inside me through the scan. My blood work ( CBC, LDH ) were all excellent. My insurance company denied him since I have not had any problems with my NHL-follicular since my tx in 2002. He had to call them up and argue to get my CT. It came back stable. I am grateful for that:-) I hope you have a long journey and you beat this beast!


Good that you're doing well so far. I had a PET CT scan in 2014 which didn't indicate a need for treatment at that time. I have a checkup and blood tests with oncologist every 6 months. I would have a CT scan if needed due to symptoms but so far haven't needed one.

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