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Hi everybody. I had my checkup on Tuesday. Existing nodes haven't grown and so far no signs of progression. Bloods were normal - except that my cholesterol is high. My oncologist said that I'd better address that as I could live a long time with this disease :-)

I'm four years out from diagnosis without treatment so far. Next checkup in six months.

If anyone else wants to post their updates, look forward to hearing them.

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Good news!

Long may it continue

Good news !

Wonderful news Sharon.. thnx for sharing and continue to stay well...

Happy about your news 4 years out, NO treatment is great.

Good news x

I am almost

3 years out with Stage 3 NH Follicular Lymphoma on Watch & Wait and no treatment thus far. My June CT only shows nodes in Mesenteric area and now on annual CT’s!

Shar0nVolunteer in reply to jmcobb50

Good news, long may it continue!

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