Low back pain and jaw locking

Diagnosed with Stage 4 NHL. Finished 12 rounds of Bend and Ritux. Now on ritux every other month for the next two years. About 20 mins in of the Ritux, my jaw locks, throat swells and have excruciating pain shooting across my lower back. They stop infusion and give me something to counteract this. After about 1 hour they start it up again slowly and I am then fine. As far as hair loss, well I have lost quite a bit of mine and have large dry scaly patches all over my scalp. Anyone else experience this?

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  • I had similar problems when I took infusions of Ritux. Hang in there. Your body might come around to accepting it.

  • Do they not give you antihistamine and paracetamol before beginning the retuximab, I always had, they wouldn't start without taking those tablets, my retuximab was also given subcutaneously ( under the skin on my stomach.

  • I received my first infusion of Bend and Ritux the same day they put my port in. All took place in the hospital. About 5 or 10 minutes into the infusion a bad case of the trimmers took over my body. Uncontrollable . They gave me morphine to counter it. Then all went well. I did not loose my hair. It thinned out considerably but left me with enough. This was in 2010. Best wishes to you my friend. . . I know everyone's case is different.

  • The 'rigors' is a very common side effect the very first time you take rituximab. You should not get the rigors with subsequent rituximab infusions. That is my wife's experience.

  • Thank you Shadow for your input.

    No hair problems, thank God ..

    Stay strong and well!

  • Sorry Shadow for your hair loss . I took both Rituxan and Bendamustine , my hair thinned but still nice .

    I do Rituxan every three months .

    I am scheduled for PET Scan the 19th

    Stay strong and let's win this fight !!

  • My husband experienced trimmers the second and third cycle the moment they increase the rate of the infusion of rituximab. Same thing, they would stop it remedicate and continue. He is prescribed antihistamine the two days preceding the infusion. It helped the second time as the chills we not as strong. Good luck 🍀

    Oh and as for hair thinning with Bendamustine non yet.

  • I had rituxan but had no side effects, thank goodness. I also have some neuropathy in my feet but not too bad. Glad they can treat the side effects.

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