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How I found out I had cancer

A co-worker of mine was diagnosed with cancer, he was healthy and then all of a sudden he just got very ill. It caused me to be so anxious about my own health, because I had an enlarged lymph node in my neck that was observed for over 10 years. Every doctor I saw felt like it was benign, and they wanted to watch and wait. Around last year I noticed that it got a lot bigger, so big that it protrude from the side of my neck. I got so scared so I end up going to a hematologist and an oncologist, at first they told me that it wasn't cancer because I had the node so long and I wasn't experiencing any symptoms of lymphoma. A few weeks later I started feeling chills, sweats, loss of appetite and extreme anxiety. I knew something was wrong with me. I then went back to the same oncologist, he referred me to an ENT doctor, he did a biopsy of the node. Turned out it was NHL. I was stage 2A. It was in my neck and also my armpits. I went through 8 cycles of chemo, did not need radiation. It was tough because I knew something was wrong with me, and it was a very emotional time because I felt like no one heard me, if I waited and listened to the doctor's would my results have been the same as it is now? I say this to say to all who are undergoing any illness, know your body! You only have one life, do all you can in your power to preserve your life. Continue to fight, continue to pray, God has the power to heal all. He also has the power to give the doctor's the wisdom to make you well.

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Amen to that!πŸ™πŸ˜‡


Well said and wishing you all the best as you say we do know our own bodies so action needs to be taken if we are worried


Amen! Always ask God to guide you in all your decisions and hunches!


so glad you kept pushing and questioning. May you now regain to full health and hopefully now you can quit worrying. But do stay on top of any thing strange that might be questionable.. best wishes..


Wow what a story continue to be positive I know you will be well..


Thank you all. As you embark your cancer journey stay strong and be positive. I am hear for any of you. I know the pain and emotions we all may feel. I've been there.

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