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Immunoglobulin Panel Results

My dermatologist ran some more test and these were the results. No one has said anything to me so, I am guessing that labs are okay. Surfing the web will have you thinking all kind of things could be wrong. So, I was wondering if I should be seeing a hematologist or someone similar....

KAPPA QNT: 380mg range (176-443) normal; LAMBDA QUANT: 296mg range (91-240) high ; KAPPA/LAMBDA RATIO: 1.28 range (1.29-2.55) low; IGA 473mg rage (81-463) high; IGG 1654mg range (694-1618) high; IGM 312mg range (48-271) high

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I would say that your dermatologist will give you a referral if s/he is concerned. I'm not knowledgeable enough to interpret even my own blood test results but if it were me I would be ringing the dermatologist and asking whether there is any cause for concern.

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Thank you. I have a call into my dermatologist and awaiting a call back

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