Found my blood test not sure

Hi everyone,

I have results from my rheumatologist and the kappa light chain is 33.94 should be in the range of 3.3 - 19.4. Monoclonal band 8g/l in the gamma region was identified as Igg(kappa) Mild increase in alpha 2 (acute phase reactant) Residual gamma globulins slightly reduced. k/l ratio 1.84 should be between .26 - 1.65.

My oncologist said they found nothing wrong in my blood test. I have a small cluster in my bone marrow test of b cell nhl. Put on watch and wait

I don't understand the meaning of the blood test ????? I am so confused as the oncologist didn't really explain anything. Anyone got any ideas.

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  • I was looking at your first para thinking you must be a blood technician or nurse as I didn't understand a word - think you should go to your GP to explain things in English - sorry I can't help😞

  • Went to GP told to ask oncologist. the oncologist didn't explain, felt like he was in a bit of a hurry. All he said was that everything was fine. That was all he said. Then wrote a script for a blood test and see you in 3 month. That is why I am so confused and asking the question if anyone else could understand it. And had a similar result.

  • Try the free Lab Tests Online at

  • Thanks, didn't know there was a free lab test.

  • i get confused also

  • It is not hard to get confused. When things don't get explained properly to you.

  • Get a 2nd opinion. I did so and it is highly recommended. I chose to go back to my original oncologist since the 2nd opinion agreed with the first.

  • thanks I will. I have been thinking about it. will make the appointment as soon as they open.

  • Thank you so much jmc am in the process of waiting for 2nd opinion.....lack of explanation is causing anxiety......feel so isolated.....had an appt with a gynocologist for other issue and he said it's true that Drs don't explain the results to us enough,. My onco is always rushed even though we drive two hours for the twice yearly appt...

  • I'm thinking your oncologist may not be as literate about hematological abnormalities as you would like him to be! I love my oncologist but he made me go see someone who specializes just in hematological cancers and they did a superb job of explaining things. Be your own advocate and push for answers and communication until you are satisfied

  • hi Mary I too am confused...was diagnosed at age 70 am 73 now....have blood work eveyr 3 months but NO communication other than 2 times per year...had the PET scan etc and am so blessed not to be on meds...this Watch and Wait can cause anxiety for sure.....Am in Canada... 2 hrs away from Cancer Center....our measurements differ from the USA and mayabe Australia,,,,,my latest Light Chain Lambda was 474 up from 191 3 years ago normal is 3-26 ..however my onco doesn't call ..and this is concerning....we don't have a nurse who can be the contact if you have a nurse don't hesitate to call until you get your answers.....My family Dr has sent my results to a World class cancer center in Vancouver BC to see about a second opinion...NHL is a strange diagnosis...mine has gone back and forth it seems not to be slow moving as was told me 3 yrs ago....Waldnstroms Macrbuliinimea is a form of NHL a squeaky wheel if you have to....and it's ok to "bother ' them .. take care and aren't we so gratrful for this site.!!!

  • Hi deestb, I live about 4 hours away from Melbourne. Which is my closest city. Lucky my favourite aunty lives there. I stay with her when I am in Melbourne. At least I don't have to pay for a hotel room. Its to big a day to do the drive in one day. Most of our good specialists are in Melbourne. So living in the country has its pros and cons.

    We have a government scheme that if you live over 100km from a specialist you can claim back you fuel and accommodation costs. So that is a big help. I have b cell nhl in the bone marrow. I am going for a second opinion but I have been put on a waiting list. Will ring and complain again. Going to see my GP to see if he can fast track it. Fingers crossed.

  • hi Mary I sent a reply and thought I'd submitted it...hmmmm

  • Hi deestb, haven't received any reply. I decided to go fishing with my best friend today, caught 8 but couldn't keep them had to throw them back. Too small. It was sooooo beautiful sitting under a tree fishing on the river bank. So peaceful, listening to the birds and peace and quiet.

    Ran out of bait so had to go home.

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