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Neglegent nurse


I called the Dr back about my appt with a oncologist, she gave me a appt. ,I called them they said they'd never heard of me, and it was a nurse practitioner. So I call my Dr back, the nurse looks, says( oh, that's the wrong one) so she gives me the oncologist name, but doesn't know when my appt is .I call them, they say ( we've been waiting since July 3rd to get one paper faxed by my primary care Drs nurse. We keep on them til finally Friday they get it, and call me , their working me in on Monday. My symtoms have gotten worse by the day. I know I'm changing family drs immediately!!

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I totally agree with you! I have had my doctor since 1991 and he has totally ignores my problems and I am about to find another doctor. When they mess up like they did on you, time to find one that cares.

Gailbarnes in reply to SuzyQ1948

Sounds like both of us is better off finding another​ Dr!! With this, how can people be so cold, I just had my boyfriend leave, I told him what was going on, he doesn't care. He said (all of us is gonna die, hell I'm probably sicker than you) omg, some people! Prayers for you

I went through a similar situation,(my boyfriend left me but did come back).We were both in shock when I was first diagnosed,and I shut him out,he was terrified. I think his leaving at that time in my life was more devastating then the cancer. I was lucky enough to have an amazing doctor,his staff, my family and friends.focus on yourself.because at this time it is all about you.

Oh Gail, I'm so glad you called until you got some answers and an appt. So very sorry you have had to go thru this waiting and your symptoms getting worse. I had good news this past Thurs. July 20.. Cancer free..... I was stage IV mantel cel non Hodgson Lymphoma and had R-Chop and have been on 3 month regimen of Rituxin for 2 years and 3 months. Had a PET scan last week, went for my Rituxin infusion on Thursday and he did blood work and reviewed my PET scan. He showed my first PET and compared my latest and it was remarkable when we saw all the cancer I had, Spleen affected and all my lympnodes from chin to groin. I have had you on my daily prayer list and I pray that you will have a good Oncologist that can bring you thru to being cancer free. I adopted the phrase FROG... when I was diagnosed Forever Rely on God. I have now quite an array of Frog gifts, jewelry, etc to remind me. Some days I couldn't even pray i was so sick and tired, but I thank God that all my family, friends, neighbors and strangers I didn't know were praying for me. So please keep us posted. I live in Iowa. Where are you? FROG

I love it!!! FROG, GOD is good!! I'm so happy for you my sweet friend. I live in pigeon forge, Tn. Home of Dolly Parton. Lol and can't afford toilet paper lol I am just so happy for you! The engine blew up in my car, right after my mom and son died. I haven't had a vehicle for a while, it's gonna be hard getting to Drs, etc. But I know, GOD will make a way. Thank you, my friend

I have been to pigeon forge twice for family reunion. Have a brother in s.c. And we all meet there. I had 7 brothers but 3 have passed. And I have 4 sisters. Family of 12. So we had a very simple life growing up. Sorry about your car. Keeping you in prayer for healing and financial help in all ways. FROG 🐸🐸

Thank you, so much FROG. I've lived here in pigeon forge all my life, about four miles from the city, in the country. You've probably heard of wears valley Rd. Lol I know GOD will see us all through this.

keep us updated please... FROG

Hi Gail, I hope that before you change your family doctor you will take the time to let the present one know exactly why you are leaving his practice. Hopefully the performance of this nurse will be unacceptable to him/her and a process put in place to protect other patients from her indifference/ negligence. Sadly it's more likely that indifference at the top breeds carelessness below. Good luck with your hunt for an efficient and caring practice.

Gailbarnes in reply to AE-IOU456

The Dr had written me a script twice for nerve meds., I didn't get it either time. I ask him about it, he said she must have torn it up lol I said is she your boss, he said no! Then this happened, yes, I'm talking to him one more time, thank you very much, prayers for you my friend

Gailbarnes, I am so sorry about the situation with your doctor. This is unacceptable. Our doctors and their staff work for us and sometimes we have to fire them. I'm praying that you get the good care you deserve right away.

Gailbarnes in reply to Andilynn

Thank you, I thought I was gonna have to go to the ER last night. But my appt is tomorrow I'm trying to make it til then. Prayers

oh ..been there.... .Remembering always to be our own best friend is important...I gave that advice to a friend and he went to his Drs clinic ..drove himself to emerg 100 ks away and got to a cancer center and got treated....squeaky wheel gets the attention...I fell through too so truly understand...My local family Dr and staff have been great...but I decided to change cancer centers though to Vancouver BC Cancer's approach and not being felt like I was put out to pasture on watch and wait... thanks for keeping us in the loop ....

Gailbarnes in reply to deestb

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, jerked around. I seriously thought I was gonna have to go to the ER last night. My appt is tomorrow, I'm gonna try to hang on, unless I can't. Thank you, so much

Totally unacceptable. Glad you are changing primary.

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