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Recurrent NHL diffuse large B cell


I am writing to hopefully gain some insight. My 69 year old mom was just diagnosed with recurrent NHL. She had been in remission for 2.5 years ( previous treatment was R - CHOP). Current plan beginning next week is for 3 rounds of R - ICE chemotherapy followed by stem cell harvest and transplant. Wondeing if anyone has been through this and what their experience was like what complications/ struggles if any, you may have experienced? Thanks!

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I had an autologous stem cell transplant in the summer of 2012. The procedure itself was not too onerous although I did experience some difficulties mostly due to having no immune system. They strip down your immune system during the procedure. Unfortunately, my immune system has never regained completely to where it should be so monthly ivig transfusions help to try to maintain it at 50%. I contracted a blood infection as well as a rather severe cases of C-Diff that took the better part of a year to resolve. I was also allergic to one of the chemo drugs, Etopicide. The chemo for the transplant was R-BEAM and R-MICE. All of the foregoing are not necessarily what your mother will experience.

Would I go through the procedure again? Absolutely! It was a small inconvenience to pay to put the cancer in remission.

If you have any specific questions about the procedure, I would be more than happy to answer them if I am able.


Thank you so very much for taking the time to reply! I wish you continued health and blessings!

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Liz and Jenn, I have a question for you. Does it matter if your WBC is low before the high conditioning chemo BEAM? Raja's was1200 and nurse said they don't usually start the transplant if it is this low. I found that strange because the plan is to bring his immunity down to zero. Why should that matter? What is your experience there.


Hello Reem,

I have been thinking about you often today.

My mother's SCT transplant was delayed a few weeks because her counts took a lot longer than anticipated to climb after her last round of chemo. l believe it was her WBC and platelet count. I do not remember exactly what they were when she was admitted for the transplant.

I'm with you, my understanding is they want the counts near zero, that is the point of BEAM prior to transplant. I do not know why they postpone if counts are low.

Wish I had more insight for you.

Please keep me posted. I will say extra prayers for you both tonight!


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