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Trevor 93, Follicular Lymphoma since 2013

Hello, just signed up so I will introduce myself. Trevor, 69 , married with 2 grownup children( 45 - 39) . I had my cancerous Prostate removed in May 2013 , they also removed a lymph node from my groin as it was noticed to be swollen. When I left hospital i was told i had Follicular Lymphoma. I see a Haematologist every six months with regular blood tests. I have had a bone marrow biopsy, which was clear. I have now retired from work, last March, owing to continually feeling tired, apart from that nothing too troublesome. Do have night sweats , have to towel down, have swellings in both groins and in the neck. Well, that's me so far, not sure if anything will happen further or if i will eventually pass away as i am. Any advise would be welcome.

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Hi Trevor93 - welcome to NHL Friends! I also have Follicular Lymphoma and am on watch and wait. I had the first node removed from my neck in 2014 and had 2 bone marrow samples taken also a PET scan which didn't indicate that I was a candidate for chemotherapy at that time. I was offered radiotherapy to my neck but decided not to have it. Since then I have a couple of newer small nodes in my neck which so far are not progressing. No sweats etc. I attend an oncologist every four to six months and have blood tests each time. I think none of us knows what the future will hold but I stay positive with exercise and a healthy diet. Before diagnosis I was slim but unfit and a bit careless with my eating habits. Now I eat a large variety of fruit and veg daily and swim 50 lengths 3 times a week with two 20 min brisk walks each day 7 days a week. I don't know if it's keeping the lymphoma at bay but it's raising my spirits and I feel physically better than ever. I'm nearly 62.


Hi Shar0n, thanks for the reply. You certainly are a good example, keeping fit and eating well. I have a good diet, my wife is an excellent cook, try to have fresh fruit and veg every day. We have a little dog with lots of energy so walking every day. I feel ok in myself apart from tiredness. The other continence problems I think are things I have to live with. I guess it's better to be wet than dead! I go back in February to see the Haematologist, one or two extra lumps in my kneck but the ones in the groin are no bigger. It's not knowing what is going on , I have had numerous scans of different types. Thanks again, now I have found this site I will post again after the next appointment.


Hi Trevor, Good luck with your appointment in February - please do post and let us know how it goes. I know from researching and experience that the nodes can go up and down and even come and go which makes it tricky to know where you are at a given moment but the blood tests seem to be very important .


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