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I was diagnosed in 2014 with low grade stage 3 follicular lymphoma. It was discovered as a result of a routine mammogram. I had no real symptoms and so waiting And watching made sense. Had scans in February of 2016 and things still looked OK. The lymphoma transformed in a short period of time to what is now a diffused large B-cell lymphoma. I was suffering severe stomach pains that prompted new scans in October. I just finished the third cycle of DA R EPOCH. I'm receiving the best possible care and treatment I believe that. I have friends and family who support me unconditionally and above all I have faith that all of this will work out exactly as God has planned. Everyone who knows me tells me I'm a strong person that I'll beat this and I think that I am stronger than this cancer. Each cycle of chemo has been increased because my body appeared to handle it well. The side effects from this third round of chemo have knocked me down and I'm struggling to find the strength physically to just do minimal things. With the holidays here I'm saddened that I'm not enjoying the season. I know that my hope of this going into remission relies on completing six cycles of this chemo but I honestly don't think I can go back in 2 weeks and pump myself full of that for 5 days. How do others get through this?

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  • Hello and welcome Rraasch, glad you could join us here! Keep staying strong!

  • I remember spending many days lying on the couch neither wanting to read, sleep, eat or smile. It was a rough time but I got through it and had many years of remission and enjoyment in living. The secret is to take one day at a time even after the bad stuff ends. I am currently on new meds that affect my digestion but little else. I constantly remind myself that "I can do this!" It's not over 'til it's over.

  • Hi, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I am sitting right now in the hospital doing R-EPOCH and it is my 6 and final treatment. I did not think I was going to be able to handle it at all. The days are so long in the hospital and I started to go a bit crazy! I was fine the first 2 treatments with side effects and because of the cumulative effect, I have had more of them since then. Nothing too bad, just mouth sores and lots of blood infusions.

    I cannot believe that I actually have made it to the 6th treatment, but so happy that I am almost finished.

    I am just hoping that I have a longer time off from treatment than I did the last time I went into "remission"

    Just stay strong and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and once you are done the treatments, then there is no more for a while!

  • Welcome Rraasch, We are all willing you to succeed in your treatment and beyond, when you can rebuild and enjoy life to the full again. If possible, let others take the strain for you for this season, so that you can focus on staying as well as you can.

  • The best of luck to you. You sound so strong and have strong faith. You will get through this. Everyone of my cycles of chemo knocked me down but I just got back up. You only have 2 more recycles to go so please stick with it. It is really worth it. I am now two years in remission. I can't imagine getting it again and having to go through this again. But I did it.

  • I am right there with you. I have the same type NHL and have finished 5 cycles of Rituxan/Bendeka. This last one hit me harder than the rest and all I can do is lay in bed. It sucks. But, at least we are still above ground. I take it one day at a time and just know that I am eventually going to feel like myself again. In the meantime I have started letting people help me (not my normal style) and it actually feels pretty good. We've totally got this! Just keep surviving the moment and pretty soon the next moment will be AWESOME!!!

  • I was diagnosed in 2009 with NHL

    and 2010 with diffused large B cell. I did 6 rounds of chemo and two years of matience treatment and I am doing great.

    There were days I wanted to give up and my husband and children wouldn't let me. I would have three weeks between treatment and it would take all 3 weeks to recover. I kept a journal and it helped a lot to express how angry and helpless I felt.

    Take care and stay strong.

  • Hello my name is Rose , I also have NHL was diagnosed Follicular lymphoma grade three of intra-abdominal lymph nodes.

    Went thru 6 months of Rituxan X one day and Bendamustinr x two days a month .

    Have been in remission since July ..

    Lots of prayer , and exercise I did everything after Chemo that I did before chemo .

    So thankful to God and my Oncologist & family .

    I am 75 years old ..

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