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Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Friends
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Great to be among new Friends :)

Hi friends, my name is Nancy. I live in Pittsburgh PA. I'm new to this page. I was diagnosed with FNHL in may of 2012. After getting a partial remission in 2014 with retuxan, I relapsed extensively in 2015 requiring 5 cycles of bendamustine. I started retuxan maintenance treatment last month for 2 years to assure a longer remission. Hope scientists discover a cure for this type of lymphoma soon. God bless all my new friends . Stay strong, never give up hope and God be with you.

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Hi Nancy,

I appreciate your post. I was diagnosed with same type of cancer. Yes, I sure wish there was a cure for it.

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there has got to be a cure soon, its seem that they are very close...:(


Here is some good news I learned from Dr. Steven Schuster (one of the gurus in CAR-T) during today's Lymphoma Research Foundation "Advances in Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Lymphoma" teleconference Q&A on November 17. Results from his UPENN Abramson Comprehensive Cancer Center follicular lymphoma CAR-T clinical trial showed:

* Of his 14 follicular lymphoma patients 10 (72%) achieved a complete remission.

* No patient achieving a CAR-T complete remission has relapsed.

* The average time in complete remission today stands at about 2 years.

* If your complete remission is 2 years or greater you have the same survival odds as someone who never had follicular lymphoma.

* After 1 year about 50% of his follicular lymphoma CAR-T patients no longer need IVIG infusions.


I was diagnosed in 2012 also and stayed in Watch and Wait until this year. I started 4 treatments of Rituxan near the end of July. After the 4 treatments I was in remission. I started on October 12th with 2 years of maintenance every 2 months. Praying that this will keep me in remission. Not many problems at this time other that very, very tired. I hope you are doing well with your treatments. Stay strong and positive.


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