Hello. My name is Plooch and I'm new here, but not new to NHL, haviing been diagnosed nearly eighteen years ago. For a long time, my doctor and I played "watch and wait". About nine years into it, my spleen became quite enlarged and I was treated with R-CVP. with a straight rituxin chaser. The disease didn't completely respond, however, I have been very fortunate with no overt flare-ups. It is small-cell and indolent

Has anyone here had a si,ilar experience?

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  • Welcome Plooch! We're excited you could join our community!

  • My NHL was diagnosed 7 years ago but had probably had it for ages. I've had every treatment going now and have reached pretty much the end of the line. have always been quite envious of the watch & wait crowd! But very glad you've responded well to treatment, there are lots of new things happening all the time in lymphoma circles.

  • Hi Plooch - I'm Shar0n,only two years since diagnosis with indolent NHL and so far on w&w. No treatment so far and going from checkup to checkup .

  • My oncologist said I could stay as "watch & Wait" for 20 years or more. It is scary wondering when the Wait, will come to an end. I hope soon there is a cure for NH Indolent Follicular Lymphoma. I have changed my diet to more plant based, started Pilates, retired from my very stressful job and taking supplements and smoothies. This does remain in my thoughts continuously. I seem to have improved and haven't had a CT since March 2016 since my labs are good and he no longer feels the nodule. I will be restaged in December with a CT. I worry about the costs associated with therapy if and when it is ended. Has anyone been watch & Wait for 20 years without any treatment?