Pregnancy with stage 4 kidney disease

I Have had stage 3 for a number of years, we decided to try for a baby at the end of the year, and i have spent the last few months trying to get my body in the best condition possible. loose wait etc.

But very recently I have found out my kidneys have got worst i’m now at stage 4 blood results GFR 19.

creatinine 247.

My renal doctor seems to think If I do get pregnant I have a one in 3 chance of moving to stage 5.

I would really like to hear from ladies who have been in this or similar situation, I’m very confused.

I always wanted a baby I’m only 37 Help!

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  • Hello...I have had two boys with my long standing chronic kidney disease. My first boy I had was in 2005 and at that time, I only had one kidney functioning, the other was only 15% Then in 2008 my left kidney was removed because it was shrunk. But don't feel as though yours would be taken out, God only happen to me because I was suffering reflux of the kidney, and pylonephritis and urinary tract infections. In 2010 I had my second boy, at the time my remaining right kidney seemed okay, and was functioning well, but now its down to 20% the doctors have said I dont have long until I have dialysis or a transplant. So the answer to your questions are...yes of course you can have children, believe or not I went to check again if I could have more, but I was told its still possible, but the Doctors would need to keep a close eye on my condition and of course I would be on dialysis whilst pregnant. So it does happen. My advice is to dont stress and keep will happen. Its obvious that when you are pregnant the load of the pregnancy does effect the kidneys and the kidneys start working twice as hard as they would normally be doing. The thing is I had my boys when I was young. My first boy I had when I was 22 and the second at 27 now Im in my final semester of my degree and a single mum. I hope this answers your questions...and dont worry x

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, everyone has given loads to think about, gonna have a chat with an OB-GYM and get some more advice, Thanks again x

  • I'm sorry you're in this quandry.

    I have a transplant and had a baby at 38. I got pre-eclampsia and had to deliver early, and my kidney is not quite so brilliant as it was (though it's still doing pretty well). Even if the effect on the kidney was much worse I would still look at my little boy and think it was completely worth it.

    You'd need to be prepared for quite a stressful, medicalised pregnancy and possible early delivery and baby spending time in neonatal. Everyone's different and it's impossible to know who will sail through and who will have some problems.

    Hope you come to a decision you're happy with. And good luck if you decide to go for it.


  • Thank you Amanda xx

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