Out of hospital again..

Hello all, (particularly Wendy who wanted to know)

I've had a successful ureta transplant and had my nephrostomy removed. Took first shower without tubes attached to me, for three years!

Transplant kidney has declined in function to Gfr, 20 but I had serious chest infection, followed by Clostridium Diff. whilst in hospital. Having no antibodies or immune system makes fighting off these infections pretty difficult, so I'm still on an antibiotic cocktail.

However I'm feeling much better and hope having the stent removed in June will be the last procedure... The only way is up !

Regards Tashe

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  • Congratulations on getting home, I'm 4 years post transplant and have experienced the c diff and chest infections. Been following your journey and thinking about you, take good care and enjoy relaxing away from hospital and here's to many more infection and complication free days 😄 Xx

  • Thanks Melly. It is great to be out of hospital and I'm having a very relaxing time today, doing absolutely nothing.

    I'm sorry to hear you suffered from C diff. It's a horrible infection...but glad you're doing well four years post transplant. I hope very much for a summer of no infections.

    Many regards Tashe.x

  • Hello Tashe, So glad you are home and able to get some rest. I was thinking of you on op. day, and hope that you continue onwards and upwards towards better health. I live in West Somerset and on July 9th we are doing a walk around our village to raise awareness of PKD and promote organ donation. This is also to celebrate my 20 years with a donated kidney. Every good wish. Wendy

  • Wow Wendy, twenty years with a donated kidney. Congratulations and the walk is a lovely way to promote kidney donation.

    Thank you for your thoughts they are much appreciated...

    Very best wishes, Tashe.x

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