Low White blood cell level

Hi Everyone, I am 14 weeks post transplant and everything has gone really well so far. Then I get a call from the transplant nurses after my fortnightly visit to the hospital this week, my wbc had gone down to 1, I had to go back to hospital the next day they have stopped my valgancyclovir and co trimoxazole and gave me an injection of filgrastim and told me to basically go home and stay in and have as little contact with people as possible. Has anyone else had similar wbc problems and what was their outcome? many thanks stonebroke.

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  • Hi. Stoneybroke.

    My wbc did the same afyer aprox 6 months post transplant wbc down to 1 and cmv was rampant i was put back onto valgan and they stopped my mmf for aprox 6 weeks i am now all good but on a lower dose mmf as this is the cause of the wbc drop good luck and stay posative your in the best hands.

  • Hi Stonebroke

    I too am 14 weeks post-transplant and I too have just had a low WBC result (last Tuesday}. I had repeat bloods on Wed. and was told to stop taking Myfortic {immuno-suppressant} but to keep taking Valganciclovir and Prograf 7mg- twice a day,along with

    Co trimoxazol and Prednisolone 7.5mg. Seems a very different treatment to yours.

    A repeat test on Friday showed my result still at 1.8 and I have to have repeat bloods tomorrow Sunday! It's doubly worrying for me as I did not had a smooth ride for the first 6 weeks post-transplant, having 2 rejection episodes and spending the time in hospital having adsorption { antibody removal} treatment. I did have an ABO, non- compatible transplant.

    It's good to finally put this query to a forum and hope somebody has some reassurance... All the best to you Stonebroke


  • Not as low as that but believe me this guys know what they are doing, my advice is eat food rich with iron, that's the best bit now you can eat cheese banana and even beans enjoy :) as long as kidney function is ok then nothing to worry about. Get well soon

  • Thanks Abdirashid.

    Had blood tests this morning and have to go back later to see doctor and have an ultrasound scan on kidney. You're right they know what they're doing and I'm getting fantastic care.

    Good health!

  • I'm now 14weeks post Transplant and my wbc is down to 1.2 feel very crappy but I have been told to stay at home and rest good thing is kidney is fine.......its good to know this has happened to others and they are fine something like this to me with my 1st kidney over and 30yrs I was very ill and lost that kidney but times have changed a lot and medical science has moved on lots.....

  • Thanks for your replies all, I am now 6 months post transplant and all is fine. After my drop of wbc and dosage of filgrastim my wbc went up to 6 but has settled around 3.5 now. Every thing else is fantastic and I feel great. I hope all who have similar ups and downs have the same results many thanks and good luck to all Stonebroke

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