Renal transplant patient !

Renal transplant patient !

Hi everyone !

I'm new to this and just wanted to say hi 😊

I had my kidney transplant 15 yrs ago this October (touch wood lol ) Apart from early signs of rejection when on cyclosporine I consider myself sooooo lucky ! I have had no problems with 'Kevin' my kidney but unfortunately due to my low immune system I have just been diagnosed with bronchiectasis ! Anyone else had this happen ? P.s don't know why my photo uploaded sideways lol ! x

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  • Hi Shelly

    Yes I also have bronchiectasis, but mine is due to having pneumonia 3 years ago. I was told that Myfortic can cause lung problems is dose is too high. I have had my kidney for 6 years now. The only way it affects me is coughing up a little bit of phlegm every morning but my GP has said colds and coughs in the winter months could be a problem. Hope this helps a bit :)

  • I had my transplant just under 3 years ago. Kidney fine, but started getting joint problems in my fingers about 3 months after. Now have rheumatoid arthritis. Due to the supressed immune system. Lovely picture by the way...

  • Hi Shelly,

    Unfortunately I've not been in the situation. Hope you are on the mend. Well done on reaching 15 years.

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