Quit Worrying !!!

Ok, here I go again !! Worrying is not going to change a thing. Worrying will not make it go away. Learn to accept the challenge of making YOU be a healthy YOU. Stage 3 is really so much better then stage 4 or 5. Be a healthy weight, control you blood pressure, be sure your sugar level is under control. I have been trying to get to my healthy weight for over a year now, I will get there, I am still trying, but it takes a long time to lose weight. I have to lose at least another 20. However, only I, Me, can do it. CKD is basically dialysis in is my future, however, I can prevent it. ONLY ME !! Lets all do this together. We Can !!! XXOO Buddy

PS always ask for a copy of your appointment information and test results. There are many wonderful sites online that Helps you understand what you are dealing with. Hang in lets become Healthier together. Buddy

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  • Your amazing thank you !!!!

  • you are doing amazing it takes a long time & determination to lose weight x

  • HI Buddygramma. You are right it is up to us and with support form others in this community, we can do it. I have been on renal diet since Feb 2016 and it seems to be working.

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