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My GFR is 43 & creatinine is 1.76. I have Neuropathy pretty bad so my doc prescribed me Gabapentin/Neurontin. We're not sure what is causing the Neuropathy yet, it's NOT diabetes though.

I was to take 300mg of Gabapentin 3X a day, at first it worked. Then my symptoms reoccurred and quickly got a lot worse. My doc uped my dose to 600mg 4X a day. It not only DIDN'T work, it landed me in the hospital. My complaints were: malaise, confusion (dizziness, nausea, eye reattaching & electrical shock at times.

The reason for theses symptoms was Gabapentin TOXICITY ! Apparently, since my GFR was 43, my kidney couldn't clear that amout of the drug out of my system. I found out that Gabapentin is extremely hard on your kidneys so why would a doctor prescribe this medication to a patient who is a Stage 3B !


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  • That is awful it makes you wonder what the doctors are up to!

  • Which is why each person must be proactive for their own situation. Read, study and learn everything you can. Know symptoms, medications, side effects, benefits and everything else you can. Go to your doctor appointments armed with knowledge and ask appropriate questions. Leave only when you understand the information and then, if necessary, verify the doctors' statements before you move forward. I no longer allow my doctor's office to call in scripts for me to my pharmacy. I always ask for the written script and before I fill it I verify the choice with another doctor or two and my pharmacist. It's too important to leave it to one person without getting second and third opinions. If the opinions are varied I have to be the one to make the decision. It's my health, my life.

  • EXACTLY ! Very well said !

  • Agreed Mr Kidney!!! Sorry CKD3B that you had to go through that. Must have been scary! I'm glad you caught it before it caused even worse damage.

  • Yes, that's the only thing positive is that i think I caught it early

  • They try, but SADLY, you just can't trust everything they say. You must ask questions, you must be knowledgeable about your disease.

  • CKD3B: I was diagnosed at 3B and I too am have been recently diagnosed with Neuropathy and prescribed 1 smallest dose of Gabapentin per day (which is working great for me and no side effects). Have 2 neuropathies to deal with, polyneuropathy peripheral , idiopathic (no known reason?( IMO from CKD) and hereditary neuropathy, showing up more now due to aging. . Have not had GFR bloodwork yet to determine if it is affecting kidneys. Will see when have next test in a month. I hope the Gabapentin does not affect kidneys as need to take it Being on Medicare I do not have a nephrologist as must be at level 4 to get referral, so rely on my primary Doctor.

  • Here is a test done regarding Gabapentin

    If you feel after reading this that you have concerns, perhaps there is another pain management route you could take.

  • Thanks very much, I will ask my neurologist again referring to this study. Doctor had told me the 1 pill low dosage a day am taking should not be toxic. Gabapentin helps my neurological problem greatly. Without it would have problems. Hopefully too will be a new medicine.

  • Hope things work out for you ! I know for a fact that Gabapentin is not good for your kidneys, but like me, you have to take it due to Neuropathy. I'm searching for a new drug for it though, if i find something I'll let you know.

    Take care

  • CKD3: Yes I am in same boat as you regarding Gabapentin. Maybe will be a new larger study on Gabapentin and CKD. The study was done in 2010. Thanks, if I hear of any new med or study will let you know too.. My neurologist told me that the small dose am taking should not be toxic to my kidneys at my stage. Will tell my neurologist of this study from 2010. I will be having a GFR test in late October and see if any change.

  • hi havnt read much positivity about gabapentin ..i would go private for second opinion.maybe the best money you will ever spend..regards chris

  • You're correct, Gabapentin must be a concern for those who are in kidney failure.

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