Apple Cyder Vinegar with Honey in Water, do you have this?

Hi everyone. Do you take Apple Cyder Vinegar? If so how do you take it and has it helped your kidneys improve? I have started it back up again and going to give it another try since my function drop recently, I add it with honey in glass of water and mix. I am aware that it can help with many health issues as well. My other levels are normal like the Potassium/sodium etc, but a raise in the C-Protein levels. Thank you x

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  • hi dizzi di..i tried the vinegar while i was waiting for transplant for two years with no sugest keep away from excess meat in diet..drink filtered water..and do no add salt to your food..and the most important thing is to keep positive and laugh a lot. all the very best take care chris

  • I take it everyday. I believe it helps keep me stable and I feel better

  • Thank you and everyone x May I ask if you think its helped your kidney function? Am doing all i can, no salt, no soda, no caffeine, banana's, jacket pots and so on and eat plenty of veg and fruit daily and drink lots of water. So not sure why my function keeps dropping over the last year. However, it now seems because of this its brought on high levels of anxiety, it really is not helping me at all, and it gets so bad at any medical setting - not good :-( x x

  • I don't do well in the medical setting either! I've tried to control the anxiety but just went thru testing to be put on transplant list. Glad that's over(I hope) I've just noticed since going back on apple cider vinegar, my back doesn't seem to be as tired and I'm not as tired. So I'll take what I can get. Everyday I can function on my own is truly a blessing. Prayers for you. God can do anything!

  • Aww bless you and thank you so much. I am also a carer to my 22 year old son with special needs and he wont stay with anyone else, i am dreading if i have to stay as an inpatient at hospital, hoping it will not come to that for a long time yet. How is your kidney function if you don't mind me asking please? Again thank you so much for your help here x

  • I hear you! I have dogs that I take care of. It seems like everything I have to do is a challenge. My gfr is 12 but have kept it that way for at least a year and half, sometimes as high as 17! It's a constant battle isn't it? Just trying not to worry about it as that does no good!

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