Not feeling so good

So I found out recently that I've got Stage 3 but I've had infections almost continually since 2007, and they can't find out why. Over the last few months I've started to feel more tired, I've been sick on a few occasions and my legs really ache.

I recently saw a new consultant who has prescribed me with 4 months of antibiotics , and I've got my fingers crossed.

We went out for a walk today, only for about 2 to 3 miles and I struggled to get around. I felt exhausted and my legs were really hurting. Is that something to be expected? I keep being told stage 3 isn't that bad and I think surely shouldn't be struggling on such an easy walk.

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  • How old are you? Antibiotics themselves can make you feel unwell. What are your symptoms when you walk? I certainly do get more tired than I ever did before but is it my stage 3 or that I'm 67?I don't know.

  • Hi Andy, I'm 50 and I hope it's not the antibiotics because they are planning for me to take them for 6 to 12 months.

    I feel exhausted most of the time and usually have to go to bed for a couple of hours but not an anaemic. I feel sick about 80% of the time and am sick sometimes in the night. I have night cramps in my calves and when I walk my calves hurt but more recently my thighs as well.

    Thanks for replying by the way 😊

  • Bloomin autocorrect! Sorry I had typed Anny

  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am the same age as you and was diagnosed a couple of years ago at stage 4 with hardly any symptoms. Different people’s bodies react differently at various levels of kidney loss. I know of people with 75% that have symptoms and on the other hand people with less than 20% kidney function with few if any symptoms. If your body is fight any sort of infection (which yours is) then you are bound to feel rough regardless of your kidney function and as AnnyD suggest, antibiotics can also knock you for six. So in short I would not be too concerned that your symptoms are because of your stage 3 and just concentrate on getting better. I hope you are drinking lots of water as it is so important to keep well hydrated and I think it is excellent that you are walking as this is such good exercise even if at present you can’t manage the distances you have done in the past. Good luck and try not worry.

  • Thanks for the response. I am trying to drink a lot of water but with virtually permanent infections it's a tricky balance. Hopefully the antibiotics will change that but I've not been given any guidance at all by my GP or consultant on how to manage the situation. As far as exercise goes, I was able to go for bike rides of up to 100 miles not that long ago and now I seem to struggle to walk a few miles.

  • Sorry you're feeling bad. I am at stage 4 and sometimes sooo tired! As far as leg pain. I did have that for years, didn't know why, but since changing my diet and taking supplements, the leg pain just went away! So think positive, it can happen😀 Prayers for you, God can do anything!!

  • Thanks for the thought. What were the supplements that helped your leg pains, if you don't mind me asking

  • Not sure, I take quite a few. I bought a program called the kidney disease solution. It tells different things to get healthy. I just followed it for my condition which is PKD. Then one day I noticed, my legs and feet don't hurt anymore. Can give you more info on that if you want

  • Dear One, Don't worry. Just keep a proper diet and life-style. God willing, you won't have problems. Try to control your sugar, salt and blood pressure. Good luck.

  • Hi sorry your not feeling well, however I have noticed when I watch my diet

    Go to da vita kidney diet and receives, that I feel better. Yes it is normal to feel more fatigued sometimes. Three miles is a lot. How old are you? Check the diet dos, and don'ts. This made a difference in my lab tests. Hope this helps plus drink water with a little cranberry juice to help with your infections. Take care. Will pray for you and everyone else with this problem. Helen s

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