feeling very anxious and silly for posting but been through a lot lately and feeling very worried and anxious right now

hi all as i stated above I'm feeling rather silly for posting already when i literally only got the letter from my gp today about having to go for a repeat blood test in two weeks due to my renal function being reduced this is literally all it says on my letter for re test, i rang my doctors and asked for someone to explain more they said the doctor would call me back but i got no call back I'm really anxious and worried and not thought of anything else I've looked on google and lots of things have scared me even more maybe I'm totally overacting but I'm definatly a little fragile and paranoid at the moment as i lost my mum in sept to a brain tumor we found out about in may it was all so quick and she was fine. I've just been thinking the worst since    also the year before that we lost my dad to cancer too and again it was all so sudden and scary. sorry to ramble on but I'm just hoping someone can put my mind at rest I'm a 35 year old mum of three and we are going on holiday on tuesday I'm meant to be packing but literally can't think any help will be so much appreciated xxx

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  • Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply and your dietary advise.   I'm actually hoping it's nothing to sinister right now and I don't need to take any extra steps than I already do with my diet and fluid intake.   Thanks again for your reply.  

  • This is not good advice.  This lady needs to know what is happening before she makes any dietary changes. 

  • Hi gee33bee,  Firstly you are not being silly, you are reacting exactly as I would if I had to have a retest, you are human and so you worry, but as my husband keeps telling me don't panic it will get sorted,  I'm now 73 and have had so many things happen now and every time I've been in a state about things, but I'm still here, I have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren, I don't think they have known me without something being wrong.  It's a damn nuisance being poorly but try to stay strong, if it was something serious your Dr. would have got back to you quickly, not left it for you to get back to them. You have been through a heck of personal turmoil over the last couple of years and it takes it's toll.   Geez I'm sounding a right know all and I'm not, just been through a lot and still am, had a big filling fall out yesterday had emergency appointment today, and I'm terrified of dentists (another very long story) , get through that, now think I've got  a urine infection , and I'm stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease.   We will both get through these problems and when you get on your holiday  you can have a happy restoring break. Best wishes jillab.


  • Hi jilljab, just had to say hello reading your reply to the above post it was like reading my story it's a carbon copy I had three daughters, my eldest we lost to cancer nearly 4 years ago I have 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren. I am 74 and had so much turmoil in my life won't go there it's too depressing but on the whole my life has been pretty good Inbetween the various illnesses . Hope your dental treatment wasn't too bad I share your terror. My family also heve rarely known me without some health problem or other but while the get a bit exasperated at times they ere really very good. My mum always said you would not know you were having a good time if you didn't have some bad times to measure it by. Take care Rosabeth

  • Hi there thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me it really does mean a lot, I'm hoping my re test is ok as I feel I'm a bit young to be worrying about kidneys yet, and after my last few years not sure I could cope with another shock illness.  But of course if my test does show disease I will deal with it as we all have to when life throws us in these ways.   Just as you have dealt with so much.  Your a great well done you've come far, I'm hoping your health now is good.   I  too hate the dentist but I'm lucky there I'm 35 with only one small filling here's hoping to no more because I hated every second of it.  I really do appreciate your reply it has definitely  helped me I'm feeling quite a bit less anxious today.  On waking up and reading all these kind replys.   I will be thing my doctors first thing Monday for a better explanation.   Take care.  Best wishes. Gee xx 

  • It is easy to say don't worry because you will anyway. But in my experience a repeat blood test means a borderline result and they just want to check for any change. I had the same thing a few weeks ago, the doctors receptionist rang to tell me to make appointment for repeat test in three weeks I naturally worried but was told it was just a matter of caution. My second test was fine I am still stable on my latest visit he said there is some slight improvement so all the worrying was a waste of time.  Try to look at it as if there were something really wrong they wouldn't just want a second test they would have you straight back for further investigation. If your doctors receptionists are .like ours she possibly never asked the doctor to ring back.i would go see the doc again and tell him of your anxieties and get a proper explanation. Please stop reading the Internet there is a mine of info there but it relates to thousands of different people. Don't let it upset you like this just talk to your doctor then go enjoy your holiday. Take care. Rosabeth

  • Arrrr thank you so much waking up reading all these comments have really put my mind at rest, I do carry the concept of what's the point in worrying it won't change a thing.  But now it's my turn to put into practise it's easier said than done as you say.  I will be getting back to my doctors on Monday for sure for a bit of a explanation before I go away, then I shall be extra careful keeping my self hydrated and eating the right foods.   Then hopefully at my re test it will be ok and like you all my worry will have been for nothing.    I actually don't think idd cope very well at the moment my past few years have been nothing but shock illnesses then of course the unimaginable, not sure I'm in the right place right now to be anything but healthy for my kids.   Theve also been through alot and only young.   Thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to reply. I hope you are doing well, and living life the way you should. Xxx 

  • Dear gee33bee....of course you are worried but you may not need to be too anxious, it could be something quite simple and I hope that it is.  I have had similar scares which have ended as fairly minor, routine things. I would suggest talking to your GP again and asking for the test to be brought forward to save you worrying, and emphasise to him/her  how much it is upsetting you. Wishing you well.xx 

  • Hi there thank you for your lovely reply really did help.  And yes as soon as I can I will be getting back in contact with my doctor to get a better explanation of things I'm hoping like others have said it was just borderline and they want to test for any change, I go away on Tuesday for 10 days and the results take a good few days to come back so this means I would find out on holiday, I'm not thinking such a good idea.   So I've decided from now until I'm home I will avoid all tablets supplements ect, keep hydrated and eat healthy then take my test once home then hopefully it will be normal, not sure I could actually deal with it right now my past two years have been a nightmare with shock illnesses with both of my parents my

    Mum only being being 65, so I'm going to pray and hope for the best,   Thank you again your reply really did put me at ease.   Best wishes take care   Gee xx 

  • I'm thinking about you, Gee, and all the stress you have been through just lately, it does take its toll on everything, and I have a feeling that you might well be suffering from depression which I would be surprised if you were not. Perhaps you could try what I do and talk about it to someone who could help you in the situation, like a Counsellor? Just a suggestion, it could help, it is very comforting and I think you need all the  support you can get. Try to relax and enjoy your holiday. Take care.xx 

  • Arr thank you.  Yes maybe a little but I'll deal with it, hoping a holiday does some good, well asking as I don't have these results hanging over me and I can get to talk to the doctor before I go.   Yeah a few people have said about me talking to someone lately and I might look into this once home from holiday.   Thank you for your concern.   Take care xxx 

  • Never feel silly for posting kidney failure is a long term thing that you have to live with for the rest of your life normally it takes years for a decline in function it is bad of your gp to not ring you back my hubby has had kidney trouble all his life he's 60 & been on dialysis 5 years he was in stage 3 for at least 15 years that we know of drs were never very forthcoming before only since we have been with our new practice do they tell you what you want to know' Please try not to worry as it makes things worse go ahead & enjoy your holiday it is quite normal to request repeat tests as they like to have a sort of trend gives them more of an idea so please go on holiday & enjoy yourself x

  • Arrrr sorry to hear about your husband  hope he is doing well, thank you so much for your reply it really helped me I'm definitely less anxious on waking up today to all these kind helpful replies I've never even thought of kidney failure before then to receive a re test letter from gp just stating reduced renal function and to repeat n two weeks really threw me, I'm not in a great place of mind at the moment still greaving for my parents especially my beautiful mummy that got taken so suddenly.  Not sure I could actually deal with another long term illness right now, it's all the what ifs going threw my head that is making me so anxious but like I've been told on here if it was anything to bad I'm sure they would have at least got me in to discuss.   I just can't help the way my brain is thinking at the moment, all worse scenarios proberly due to my past years with my parents.  Hopefully I'll go for my re test and the results will be normal    I'm going to go on holiday keep hydrated eat and drink healthy with no tablets or supplements then come home and do my re test and hope for the best.   Really appreciate your time.  Thank you all the best.  Gee xxx 

  • Hi there, you poor love all that sadness and distress you have suffered. What can I say, so easy to tell you not to worry, we all do, some more than others. My opinion is surely your GP would have been in touch if there was something of great concern so a repeat blood-test sound fine.... Please don't make any changes to your diet as its possible you may cut out the things your body needs. Rather keep hydrated, so many of us, including myself don't drink enough and it certainly wont do you any harm. There again no need to go mad, a good rule is... all things in moderation....Please enjoy your holiday, we certainly always enjoy ours,, relax (if possible with children ). Have fun, I feel sure you have a lot of living to do and the worst times are now behind you..... Best Wishes.                                    Love Belle x

  • Arrrr thank you for your lovely reply.  I rang the doctors today and my doctor is off for a few days but the receptionist did put my mind at rest a little she explained that the renal reading is the most to be re tested on blood tests ever and she explained she even asked one of the doctors why they send out so many re test forms for this and he explained that it can go up or down with dehydration medicine ect, also she explained mine was only slightly reduced and she's seen so many go for a re test and it be normal again.  I'm happy with this outcome without speaking to my doctor so I shall enjoy my holiday now just as I normally would (I drink loads of water always have done)  the only thing I will be stopping is neurofen as I used to take these quite a lot due to stress headaches I will change to paracetamol and re test when home.     Best wishes gee xx 

  • So happy for you, now you can go away with a happy heart. Kidney function can indeed go up as well as down.My husband was 27 six months ago, 37 now and that seems good enough for the nephrologist and he is symptom free so happy days !! Keeping to paracetamol sounds fine and hopefully your stress headaches will be reduced.. So good you drink lots of water, I hate the stuff but have bottles of it now for my husband so he knows how much or little he drinks...I have decided to drink a bit more too must show willing..... Love Belle x

  • Arr that's really good.  Yous must be doing something right. Hope it keeps going up sounds great.    Yeah I'm the same always bottles of water everywhere in my house lol    Take care.  Xx 

  • Happy holidays and many more holidays and good times to come.  We are away all of May meeting up with friends and some American relatives in Spain...we try and make it an annual event... long may it continue. Chat soon.                           Love Belle x

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