I finally got the results of my ultrasound and the Dr. said I have small kidneys. What exactly does that mean? Was I born with small ones

.. or did they become smaller over time? She tells me very little and gets irritated when I ask questions. I'm looking for a new nephroligist. Also - diuretics. Are they good or bad for the kidneys? I've heard differing opinions. Thank you for any info!

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  • i should imagine you were born with them small my hubbys nephroligist always refused to diuretics to my husband as they said they damaged the kidneys he only had them when he became very ill & very fluid overload!

  • I have been kept off diuretics as well

    Everyone is prone to get irritable when they are asked questions they don't know the answers to.

    Yep in my opinion thats true of some of the doctors we see.

    The fluid build up is due to the kidneys not flushing out toxins.

    You should substitute water for some of your fluid intake if you are not doing so already to give your body a better chance of cleansing the blood

  • Thank you all for your replies! :-) Truly appreciate it. Take care and good luck!

  • I too have been told I have small kidneys, and am not really sure what that entails in the long run. I'm at 41% function at mo, but it has fluctuated between 36-42% over the past year. Before that my gfr dropped at 12% per year over the past 4 years. I asked too about the small kidneys, and my consultant said a few things can cause it - can be born with them, repeated infections can cause it - I can't remember the other things but he listed a few. He said they can continue to shrink - in fact I am assuming mine have shrunk over the years, as I got sick with pancreatitis aged 19 (now 35) and have had scans galore done over the years, and it's only been in recent years that my doctor has mentioned small kidneys.

  • Hey. Thx for responding. When you said 'at mo' did you mean at this moment? Or does that mean something else? I ask because I've seen a few things posted on this site that I'm not familiar with. I don't know if it's because most on here are in the UK and I'm in the US - or if I am just still so new to the diagnosis that I don't know enough yet. My last gfr reading was 23%. I'm 37. My phosphorous is really high. Well, I hope our kidneys don't shrink any further. Wish there was more we could do and more we knew! Still trying to get my referral to new nephrologist all worked out and it's taking forever. Thanks for all your info. We've just gotta stay on the doctors and be proactive about our health I guess. :-)

  • Hey, yeah I meant 'at the moment'. I have a weird auto-immune disease that is going around my body attacking my organs...it's now been given a diagnosis of 'IgG4 systemic disease'...I'm one of less than 100 in the world - weird huh!!

    Hope you get to see a nephrologist soon!! Sounds like you need to see one soon!! Keep hanging in there!!

  • That sucks, madonbrew. That is crazy how few people have it. Well, one things for sure. You're definitely special. You guys should get in touch and form an exclusive club only for y'all. ;-) But seriously. That sucks and I'm so sorry. Yeah, I'm starting to wonder if I have or have had rhabdomyoysis. It has to do with high muscle breakdown. I may have had it several times over the years and it causes kidney damage and high creatinine levels. I have been teaching group fitness classes now for 10 years, so it's possible. They say intense exercise can cause it. Especially calisthenics and cross-fit. Yeah, I do need a new nephr.! Mine was just so elusive and acted like I was the most annoying person in the world for asking questions. Okay - enough whining! Sorry! Have a good one and hang in there! You sound like a tough cookie. Good luck! :-)