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How do you react to sick people?

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I am getting pretty frustrated with having to interact with sick people. At work people come around behind my desk (and plexiglass shield). At the parts store the person helping was coughing a sniffling and kept standing close to me a talk right into my face. I ask people to stand back, I step away, and I wear a mask when out in public. I shouldn't have to tell people my life's story to get them to give me some space with demanding it.

How do you respond to rude, clingy, and possibly sick people in public?

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I say something like "I still need to practice social distancing. Please respect my space." Most people are okay with that much explanation and those that aren't, I physically move away if possible. Best wishes to you.

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I hear you!

Just yesterday my boss came in sick, coughing and with a fever. Walked all over the office without a mask.

Even though I don’t wear a mask at my desk anymore, I did yesterday!

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There are always ignorant people around. We have to be pro-active in taking care of ourselves. I would have a mask ready and put it on the moment one of these idiots come by. You do not need to say more than "I am trying to stay well." Hopefully they will get the message.

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Yeah i have a small place i work and everyone was sick about 2 months ago and werent completely well,still snotting and coughing when came back yet didnt wear a mask which annoyed me but i wore my mask and used alot of lysol wipes and hand sanitizer and prayed i didnt pick up something.

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Mostly I stay away from people. When I do go into the office I shut the door and for the most part no one comes in except my boss sometimes. The real problem is I share an office with someone so won't get any vaccines and he has 4 small children at home. Luckily he mostly will stay away if sick and if he starts coughing I keep masks in my office and I put one on. They are the N95's so not exactly comfortable for 8 hours but better than catching something.

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Thanks everybody. I also wear a mask at work and anytime I'm out in public. I do kitchen design, so I have to work with customers all day. I can't beleive how many people want to come around behind my desk and lean over my shoulder.

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I found out yesterday that my boss that came to work sick has Covid. My husband and I work together and my husband picked up Covid from the boss!

Now I’m doing my best not to get sick from my husband.

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Luckily, I used to work with a bunch of scientists in a very large open lab space, which is not ideal when you are trying to prevent the spread of disease. Anyone who came in sick became an automatic pariah and was forced to leave by the rest of the researchers on the floor. This was before lockdown, after lockdown no one was dumb enough to come in sick. I used to disinfect all the door handles, keyboards, mice, and any other common item that was touched by anyone every week.

Most people are clueless, don't care, or think you are overreacting. Sometimes the best defense is to diffuse the obvious with a bit of humor, or even flip the script and make them think YOU are sick. Signs like " Germs really like me! Do you know what I do outside of work? Are you sure you want to share my germs? " or "Yes, I am that person who gets sick by looking at a used kleenex. Come closer and I can share my latest cold/flu germs I picked up from a 5-year-old. " This way it avoids any mention of your health status.

As far as people coming around to look over your shoulder, is there a way to put a second monitor on the other side so they can see without needing to be so close to you? If that would work and your boss is giving you grief you could argue it would be better for everyone so that customers don't automatically come over to the other side of the desk where they don't belong anyway.

Good luck,

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My friend was wearing her mask when some guy began rather aggressively telling her she didn't need to wear it. She told him that she did need to because she had Covid (which she didn't). He left quickly!

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