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I had a kidney transplant in 1978 and it failed in 32 days. I was put on hemo with fistula access and mesh graft access. I also was on peritoneal dialysis first and for a short time while hospitalized.

In 1982 I had another kidney transplant. At the time of discharge from the hospital I was given a list of things to avoid. MRI was on the list. I don't know why and/or if it was related to the contrast or sutures put in for the first kidney in 1978.

My nephrologist doesn't know, nor does any other doctor I have to deal with.

Recently, my husband had an MRI and we asked the head of the testing center about it. She told me I could have an MRI. My creatinine could support the contrast, but didn't know what the mesh for the dialysis grafts is constructed of. I would have to ask a vascular surgeon. Does anyone know?

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After a transplant the usual worry is the contrast. I have had several over the years, but my nephrologist always has me drink more water than normal before the test and after to make sure I flush out the contrast. He always has me redo my renal labs 2 weeks after the MRI just to recheck that all is OK.

Not sure about the mesh graft you have. I have an AV Graft in my L arm that was used for dialysis. I have even had an MRI of that L arm. I had to have my graft taken our of my arm a few years ago. I am 22+ years post transplant.

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I have pain and weakness from the waist down due to all the prednisone usage and have to have an MRI with a new doctor. Thank you. I appreciate your response very much.

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Hi, i've had a kidney only one year more than you, 1981, but no "mesh".

I've had loads of MRIs and no medic has ever mentioned it.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks. It is a problem because I have needed one recently.

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