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A 2 timer kidney transplant both deceased donors


Hi All! I am new here. I live in the SF Bay area. My first transplant at the Univ. of MN by Dr. John Najarian and my 2nd transplant at UCSF by Dr. Freeze. I have had 2 kidney transplants both of them from deceased donors. My first transplant was in 1978 and it lasted about 25 years and my second transplant was in 2001...perfect match 6/6 also from a deceased donor, still going strong! I take Cellcept, Prograf and still on prednisone throughout both transplants.

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marcycNKF Peer Mentor

Welcome and congratulations on your successful transplants. You must take very good care of those gifts!

Patient-EmpowermentNKF Ambassador


Bravo that your first tx lasted that long and extra Bravo that your 2nd is still going strong after what appears to be 16 years! You're in inspiration to us all - and your picture is beautiful! Please stay engaged on this platform, as many will be inspired by your story. Stay well and connected! Cheers for now!

There have been times that I was not sure if it would last. I moved to memphis tn for 4 months and moved back to the sf east bay because I could not get my insurance right. Actually everything with my transplant meds were not being covered! Thank God for UCSF who immediately stepped up and got a voucher to cvs so I could get my meds. WALGREENS who I used for 2 decades could not figure out why I was not being covered and just basically never followed through. Anyone out there who has found success with transplant meds...I heard costco is great.

RichP48NKF Ambassador


Keep up the good work!

Congratulations! I am really impressed😊 Two transplants both cadavers - a total of 42 years! I’m from Calgary Alberta Canada. I had a cadaver transplant in 1978- a total of 40 years!😇 we are both making history! I thank everyday for my blessings and hope to continue with my luck for another 20 years. I wish the same for you😊

JEanes55 in reply to LBenedict

Wow!! Good for you!!

I am so stunned between you and Kidneytx2!! I really can't tell how important you two are right and the difference you just made on my life. My reality. WOW! TY!

WOWWW!!!! That is amazing! Congratulations!!! TY SO MUCH FOR SHARING!! What you all are doing for me right now!! :)

Hey you look good for having a second donor. It’s just been 12 years for me and I’m on cellcept and gen graf, machlenpholate. Keep up the good work. You must be doing something right . Was there a long wait between transplants? I often worry about that?? Please let me know. Do you have to go back on a list and wait?

Welcome! And WOW thank you! I am on my first Transplant a deceased donor and I thought it would only last 8 -12 yrs! I just made my 4th yr this month. I did have CMV after the transplant and it took a long time 15 months. But wow you are the very first person I heard of and you just changed my whole outlook! Ty so much for sharing and welcome! What an inspiration!!!

Your welcome!


I just had my first transplant 3 1/2 months ago. Im doing really well according to my labs and drs. Im struggling with sometimes feeling like my body just feel different and Im experiencing hair loss. Do you have any advice. Thank you!!!

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