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Can I eat chicken after Kidney transplant?


Hey Folks! are you guys allowed to eat chicken after kidney transplant???

I am 18MONTHS post-transplant.

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I never stopped eating chicken meat. It has a good amount of protein and I don't think it was ever restricted.

pateldev in reply to LisaSnow

Thank you Lisa!

Yes, my doctors haven't said anything about not eating chicken and lean proteins. Best to check with your doctor because they'd know better if chicken is okay for you based on your lab work. Congrats on getting your transplant!

Yes. Make sure it is cooked well.


WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

I eat chicken, pork, fish, beef...You are no longer on a restricted diet as long as you eat all in moderation and continue to watch salt intake.

I am 20 years post transplant and have not been on any special diet. I just try to eat healthy with lots of fresh vegetables. Heart healthy is the way to go.

I was a veggie for 15yrs prior to transplant, so being in a state of euphoria after the Kidney transplant, I ate all the high quality protein dishes (chicken, Salmon & Nuts) result I developed high RBC, Hematocrit & Hemoglobin.. I observed that the CBC Diff blood test displaying that the I had exceeded the higher end of the stipulated test range. So hate to tell you some of these nephrologists Dr...want you to get in trouble and then treat you. So please pay attention to these 3 parameters after every test so accordingly modify the amount or the # of times you eat such food in the week...( strictly my opinion), there can be other reasons too. .. such as the older kidneys are still signaling the bone marrow to produce which case possibly one of older kidneys have to be removed...We all need to have or have found a good altruistic qualified post transplant nephrologist

Dna4christ in reply to Lionkin

Oh, you just ate those three and it increased your blood panel? I'm mildly anemic and im qualified to get epo shots again. Could you tell me how you increased your rbc, hematocrit and hemoglobin?

Lionkin in reply to Dna4christ

Every person's body is unique, in case my erythropoiesis process was correctly regulated by the new transplanted kidney (production of RBC etc is normal), however the old/native also kidney all started participating in erythropoiesis process, net net my diet was excessively nutritious - which is one of the reasons for excessive creation of RBC, I just went thru' a phlebotomy ... let's hope that works for me (recently I am very cautious of my diet) , but please talk to your transplant nephrologist...for a better insight as there can be other factors too, is your kidney toxins removal process functioning as it also plays a role in RB count.. ( nothing is simple in the human body - too many inter dependancies and too many close loop feedback systems).

Lionkin in reply to Dna4christ

One more thing, Chicken, Salmon, meat have heme iron which is absorbed better than the non heme iron into the blood stream, hence assisting in the creation of RBC etc.

non heme foods are quite of few vegetables where the iron absorb is probably 12/15%

Dna4christ in reply to Lionkin

Hmm.. im almost on a vegetarian diet lol

btw: this phenomena develops typically after 6 months or 1 year. from what case studies I have been reading.

In my case it just after completion of 1st year of KTR


I was told no restrictions other than the typical stuff. Congratulations on your transplant. Went back to plant based eating

Hi the only restriction that the TX team told me was to stay away from grapefruit if you are om tacrolimus as it interacts with the med. Stay kidney healthy!

Restrictions for me are cold cuts and salad bars. Any meats I eat must be cooked well done....that’s it.

Ahh grapefruits, grapefruit juice as well.

I was sad when they told me I have to cook my smoked salmon lol!

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