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Infection after kidney transplant


I on my third kidney transplant 4 yrs. out. I have some kind of infection every month. Trying to find out what meds transplant patients are taking for this issues. My sister is on her third kidney transplant 5yrs. out and from day one she's been prescribed Bactim by her Doctor.

I am getting no where with my Doctor about this problem. What are other kidney transplant patients taking?

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I take prednisone, tacrolimus, mycophenolate for antirejection, metformin, glipizide for diabetes caused by antirejections, and metoprolol and amlodipine for BP.

noonekcb in reply to galfieri

I can't take cellcept. Bad reaction problems. When did you get your kidney and what state did you get your transplant? So your not taking any drugs for infections?

Penny-123 in reply to noonekcb

I take Lisinopril for bp very unusual I'd think no antibiotics cause I take Bactrim 3x a week( m,w fri) and zithromax everyday as part of my drug regimine that of course changes if I get sick.She might want to call the transplant coordinatorand let them know the situation.

galfieri in reply to galfieri

No, 13 months post-surgery so I've been off all antibiotics/antivirals for at least 6 months now. I had a live doner exchange.

I am 7 months post transplant now, I take prednisone, tacrolimus, mycophenolate for antirejection. And valgancyclovir for the first 4 months as a precaution against any viral infection

Yes Prednisone, an Tacrolimus . That is all is really take beside something to keep my white blood cell count in range an something for acid reflux. U mite need to talk to anither doc😕😕 an another transplant doc???? A second opinion can never hurt this is your life not theirs.. Always praying. 🙏💜

what infection do you get? what is the dosage of your immuno drugs?

noonekcb in reply to Balap

I been having sinus, GI problems, ear, and abscess that put me in the hospital to be drained infections. I take 6mg of tacrolimus every 12 hrs. and 1 daily 10mg of prednisone.

In the hospital they gave me Bactrim and it helped all these problems. I asked my Doctor for a maintenances dose of 160mg of Bactrim but he said no. My sister who is transplant has been on Bactrim for 5 yrs. out and not having infections. I'm finding out that all transplant management Doctors are not prescribing the same medication. I live Fl. my sister lives in NJ.

Balap in reply to noonekcb

do you take 12mg of tacro per day? seems quite high, because I take just 4mg per day. you take only 2 immuno drugs? you are not taking cellcept/myfortic?

noonekcb in reply to Balap

6mg of Tacrolimus every 12 hrs. gets me to the recommended level of 5 in my system to keep from rejection. What is your blood work Tacrolimus level?

My creatinine level is 1.4. What is yours? When did you get your transplant?

Balap in reply to noonekcb

I take tacro 4mg a day and tacro level is 5.9

my friend takes 1mg a day and his level is 5

it depends on how well your body absorbs tacro

my creatinine is 0.89 transplant 6yrs ago

noonekcb in reply to Balap

Yes your right. As long as your level is 5 or better taking more or less Tac ok.

My sister and I have to take 6mg twice a day to get to a level 5.

Do you take Bactrim for infections or some other medication ?

Balap in reply to noonekcb

I took Bactrim for 1st 3 months post transplant

noonekcb in reply to Balap

Yes my sister and I only take 2 immune drugs Tacrolimus 6mg every 12 hrs. and Prednisone 10mg once a day

Dara3351 in reply to Balap

I take 1 mg of Tacrolimus in the am and 1.5 mg in the evening. I also take 750 mg of CellCept twice a day, carvedilol for BP 12.5 twice a day, levothyroxin 25 mg, famotidine,

LisaSnow in reply to noonekcb

What is your tacrolimus trough level?

noonekcb in reply to LisaSnow

My Tac is 5

I changed Dr. and on bactrim now and feel a lot better

I'm 7 yrs post transplant & have taken bactrim 3 times a week since day one, I was transplanted at UPMC in Pittsburgh Pa.

noonekcb in reply to Drdetroit

How much do you take 160mg or 180mg

I'm not sure, I'll have to check & get back to you. I'm at work right now.

noonekcb in reply to Drdetroit


Drdetroit in reply to noonekcb

My pill bottle says 400-80 dosage. I hope that info will help you.Good luck

noonekcb in reply to Drdetroit


My meds change according to my labs. I take tacrolimus .5 mg in the am and 1mg in the evening keeps me at 5. Mycophenolate (250 mg) was initially 4 twice a day, then 3 twice s day, now I am at 2 and they just put me on prednisone 10 mg. I also take valcyte (2 months to go) dapsone since bactrim is too strong. Was on fluconazole but they put that on hold. Also take famotidine once a day. I was on magnesium and phosphorus meds but no longer as they are in range. A multivitamin as well. Before the transplant I was in 3 BP medication’s but now just on Coreg twice a day. My creatinine is is .78 and gfr is 89. What’s easy is my meds are at 8 am and 8 pm. I had some bout with vomiting for 2 days but I seem to be ok now! I also accepted a kidney with Hep C and am taking Mavyret for 12 weeks! Have two more weeks to go for treatment and labs show no detection of Hep C. I had my transplant Feb 4,2019. Hope that helps!

I take the same immunosuppressants and Bp meds. With regards to Bactrim, I was told by my transplant center that the duration of taking that medication depends on where you live. According to the transplant nephrologist, there are different Bacteria in different geographical locations, so how long you take that medicine depends on where you live. That might explain why your sibling is still on Bactrim. Please double check with your transplant center for the accuracy of that information.

noonekcb in reply to Herkidney

I am now taking Bactrim 3 times a week and feeling a lot better.

They also changed my Prograf 6mg twice a day to Envarsus 9mg once a day.

On my third transplant 6 years out.

Thanks for your reply.

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