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Kidney Transplant Anniversaries


NKF is working on a new campaign centered around celebrating Kidney Transplant Anniversaries. While we put the finishing touches on this exciting new program, we are looking to collect Kidney Transplant Anniversary dates from our amazing community. If you are interested in sharing yours, please complete this survey. We will keep you in the loop on this new campaign as we get ready to roll it out. Thanks!

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Thanks, Holly. Jim

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

There is someone on this site that had their transplant in 1960. Hope they fill out the form! My 19+ years seems like nothing compared to almost 60 years. WOW

swimmings in reply to WYOAnne

Hi WYO Anne.

Glad to hear you have had a transplant for 19 years. Keep up the good health.

I tried entering my info on the but wouldn't accept my postal code. tried several times and came up with the same message.

We live in Canada so not sure if that is the problem.


nharper in reply to WYOAnne

That is amazing share your secret

BobbiereedNKF Ambassador

My son, Alex, kidney anniversary date is November 9, 2015.

My transplant was November 2, 2014

I was transplanted on friday the 13th april 13, 2012

My transplant was 7th July, 2018

I tried entering my information on your site but wouldn't take my postal code.

I deleted. re added etc. so sorry I couldn't submit.


My son, Ryan, is a recent transplant recipient on November 14, 2018! Thank you DONORS!!

Transplant May 20, 2018

I received my transplant Dec 4, 2018.

My daughter just celebrated her 6th kidneyversary last week - 3/5.

Hi Nadine Harperkidney transplant June 10 1987. This year will be 32 years.

alimesoda in reply to nharper

Fantastic! What are your lifestyle and medical tips for such success!

nharper in reply to alimesoda

Sorry don't get on site much

Have faith

Good support

Don't worry. My mom would say:

If your going to pray don't worry, if your going to worry don't pray


Listen to your doctor

Ask questions

Eat health

rmsflint in reply to nharper

I also received my kidney in 1987!!

nharper in reply to rmsflint

How are u doing

Transplant Survivor 14 yrs from a cadaver donor.

March 15th. Just celebrated one year💙

My kidney transplant was on May 1, 2015. My son is my living kidney donor hero!

Mine- December 11,2017 (3rd kidney)

My son- April 7, 2018

22 years next month

Yes count me IN....July 2013.

My first year anniversary is coming up: Dec 10, 2018.

19 years, Sept 27 2000

My husbands anniversary Feb 5 1987- 33 years out and counting

My is 09-11-03

My transplant was 28th dec 2018

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