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Looking forward for a kidney transplant



My Name is Tariq aljamal 47 years old , am married and have 2 daughters 15 and 10.

I live in DeKalb , Illinois 60115

Recently on May 2020 I had akidney failure as well as doing Hemo Dialysis 3 times weekly looking forward for a chance for kidney transplant to gain my normal health and continue my live and raise my children and take care of them.


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So sorry to hear about your kidneys. It's not an easy journey, but you are not alone.

My husband started PD 4 years ago, he was lucky enough to find a match exactly after a year. He's doing well. Still visit his transplant hospital (once a year) and also nephrologist twice a year. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I was about your age when I had my kidney transplant. It was 1999, so 20+ years!! I have been living well. I saw both of my daughters graduate from college, marry and now I am a proud grandma! My husband and I travel, at least we did before the COVID-19 virus. I lead a pretty normal life with labs every 3 months along with nephrologist appts and still take immunosuppressant meds every 12 hours.

Do they know the cause of your kidney failure? I was diagnosed with FSGS relating back to strep throat I had as a child followed by nephritis.

Take care and keep us informed of your "journey."

tariq_72 in reply to WYOAnne

I Will.. thanks for your support

Appreciate it

Hello Tariq, I’m Sid, I am also 47 married and I have a seventeen year old son who just graduated from high school with no graduation ceremony because of Covid-19 but we made the best of it. I just want to tell you to hang in there I was on dialysis until 2017 when I got the call from my transplant team & I’ve been doing great every since, so get on a transplant list as soon as you can and keep yourself healthy as you can, never ever miss a treatment, take your meds and listen to your Drs. & always keep open communication between you and your Dr. & Nurses at the dialysis center if something doesn’t feel right speak up, you are your own best advocate. I will be sure to mention you in my prayers Tariq because I know how it is to be living your life, having a family, working and then to get some news that you have to start dialysis can be devastating, but keep moving forward & keep your head up and GOD bless you Tariq.

tariq_72 in reply to sidmoesr

I appreciate your wards & prayers, you made my day


Hi Tariq, hoping you get that kidney soon - in the mean time stick to the H-D diet as humanly as possible and for now follow the docs advise on fluid intake. Post transplant my best advise I can give anyone is to take your medication religiously, always communicate problems with it to the docs and HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. A healthy kidney likes a lot of water. I say this cause I too, like nearly everyone else here had a transplant. Since my sister's donation I have attended the birth of my two kids, became a girl scout leader, baseball and soccer coach, graduated from College with a Bachelors, and worked for 25 years in the Real Estate business. I spend retirement mountain biking and hiking regularly (while social distancing) with my 9-yr old grandson, although he is starting to be me on the trails. That is an entire lifetime I have lived and continue to live from one very generous act so many years (39 this month) ago from my sister. Its an incredible gift, I hope you are not on dialysis for too long as those two girls need you - Good Luck, stay well and be positive!

tariq_72 in reply to pops81

Thanks alot for your warm wards .

Will be praying for you Tariq as my husband suffers the same thing. He is doing the perotenial at home each night. He dosen't have the fistula inserted. I hope your efforts in social media, events, and telling your story to your loved ones, family and community have a great outcome. I know people who found it in churches, temples, mosques, etc. These people are big hearted. Good luck and welcome to health unlocked!

Thanks. I appreciate your wards and prayers

Hey Tariq, all the best in finding a transplant. I am from Scotland and got my transplant 3 and half years ago. Would you believe that I was put on the list just as my kidneys started getting to the dialysis stage and received my transplant even before I needed dialysis. Miracles do happen and it will happen to you. Have faith

tariq_72 in reply to Andymcgawn

Thanks for your thoughts and wishes,doing my best to be positive as well as strong enough to continue the journey of life.

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I hopr it all works out for you and your family!!!

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