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Tests for transplant

Hi, just wondering what tests you had to have to see if you were fit enough for a transplant? Also how long did they take? . I'm based in the Uk. Thanks

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Mine took between 4 and 5 months to complete on the NHS in Kent. I had a lung X-ray , 2 cat scans on my heart including a stress test where they inject something to simulate your heart under stress, an echocardiogram, an ultasound test on your neck's carotid artery, and I think femoral artery near your groin, and an ECG. I had high blood pressure, so there might have been more heart tests for me.


Thank you. I have had a stress test in February not related to kidney transplant but I presume I will have to have another. I'm so glad you got a kidney and your doing well .


The whole process leading up was a few months and then 1 full day at the center getting so many things done I cannot list them. They start out telling you not to eat anything but light snacks and have water with you, they ended the day by drawing 28 vials of blood from me, on nearly no food and after a full day of testing and educational meetings. I nearly passed out when I tried to leave!


I had to have a colonoscopy, stress test, chest X-ray, EKG, body scan, mammogram, Pap smear, dental exam,ECG..took Jess than 6 months.


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