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Kedny treatment scleroderma clothes on harts lungs pulmonary water in board breathless all suffering complex all dr. knows NO treatment!!!

Hi I’m suffering long long time since 17 years in scleroderma Reynards which damage my kidney after lungs pulmonary harts cloth water on board breathless since long time keep Complint to gp and scleroderma dr. And kidney treatment dr. In scleroderma Nhs not put on kidney transplant list because of scleroderma!!! So my sister donated me her kidney I use to gut little activity but since last 4 weeks I can’t do any activity I’m in hospital las 3 days for lungs and harts as mobility I requested to Gp please can you help me to come out from this breathless and he said let let me proscribed antibiotics which is for 5 days after weeks send blood stool v Semple I also got Diarrhea can’t walk can’t do any little activity if I tried to move from bed or standing to try something I get shot off breath all history all doctors knows Gp send hospital after 3 weeks when he finds problems all over in side effects kedny lungs harts Tammy floated painful chest pains on ribs pain on back pulling pain Used to walk their is breathless was there but I was mange but since last week today mobility problems if I do any activity gate shot off breathless in hospital they tried to follow same proses but not any out come I ask for dietitian because Tammy floating so I did not receive any all doctors Nurs have different options I’m more consort with my sister kidney which she donated me which I don’t want to damages i fills I’m no where in hospital I’m just having my normal preparation and 24 hours oxygen 4.High my condition gos more wars today Saturday nurse said doctors in Saturday just emergency!!! I come to hospital in emergency I wait 7 hours in my in wheelchair no emergency treatment I send from cdu unit to words 16 I seen doctor Yusuf today he said we don’t do anything for you because Monday to Friday doctors know more I can only ask for Tammy X-ray!!! So he did know what I’m suffering for!!! He just very Harry on asked me to question which he left the my room so as my all problems if anyone’s can help me with this . Thanks for reading my questions.

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I am sorry to hear you are feeling so poorley.

I found when I was in hospital that doctor time was very hurried. They do have a lot of pressures on them but they should answer your questions too.

I also found that the day before, if i wrote down the questions i wanted answering, then I found the time much better spent and they were able to tell me what i wanted to know. Trying to keep to just 3 or 4 questions helped.

The nurses were also very helpful as if i forgot something, they could often find a doctor to ask for me.

Hoping these ideas help you.

Best wishes,


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Mgt8: Great practical advice anybody who spends time in hospital can use. I know, because I have been in hospital, emergency etc. Jerem


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