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How common is receiving 2 kidneys at one time?


How common is being transplanted with 2 kidneys ? I don't think it was "buy one..get one free" but have not received the final bill yet. Was transplanted on December 20 2018....and this week white blood count is dropping... Dr wants to redo labs in a couple more days could this mean I am starting to reject? I'm hoping my meds just need reajusting.

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Hoping my question was not too stupid😌

WYOAnneNKF Ambassador in reply to Inkyblackkitty

I have never heard of receiving 2 kidneys in a transplant. With so many on the UNOS list waiting for a transplant I couldn't believe any surgeon would give someone 2 kidneys, when it is not necessary. You only need ONE functioning kidney to live! It would be a "waste".... because a deceased donor could help 2 recipients with a kidney.

Low white count is not a sign of rejection, but that one of your transplant drugs is too high.

To be honest I'm not sure what you are asking. I don't know about being transplanted with two kidneys at the same time, but many people (myself included) have received multiple transplants over the years. That I know of, dropping white count does not indicate a rejection, usually white counts go up with a rejection as the white cells are your body's response to trying to reject the kidney. Lower numbers generally mean your doses of immunosuppression are too high, and lowering your immune system too much. Hopefully your numbers improve. Good luck! Do something that makes you happy every day!

Yes my question was how common is receiving 2 kidneys at the same time? When I got to the Hospital that night, my Dr said the one kidney was fine but he had the second kidney.. that needed to be checked out and if it looked good he would let me have that one also, because he didn't have anyplace else to use it. I was still pretty shakey....from getting called so fast after just being put on the list the end of September and 3 months later I'm at the Hospital !!!! So I told him I would take the 2nd one.....I did have some bleeding issues and they had to go back in the second time....and then my heart started acting up.....but things seem to be going good now. Thanks for your response

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Wow. Never heard of two kidneys bing transplant, because there's so many people waiting always. But congratulations. Take good care and take medicine on time.

Inkyblackkitty in reply to Arih

The only answer I have is there must be someone up there who is not done with this 70 year old women lol....It was a Christmas to Remember !! We must remember . was Dr told me he would be going out of the U S to visit his family for the holidays....and I assume they had no one else ready to match. So maybe I was at the right place at the right time.....Thank you for your reply

Hi I had my transplant 05/24/2018 I had the same issue the dr sent me for more labs and adjust my meds since then everything has been fine 😝

Hi inky as far as I know getting 2 kidneys is very rare most people only get 1 because if you have a living donar the reason is obvious but if your donor is a cadaver and has 2 healthy kidneys he or she can help more than one person their was a lady in my dialyses unit she was called 3 times and sent home the 4th time she received 2 kidneys I guess it depends on the situation also every one has different circumstances tell me more about your self.


My Dr called yesterday and canceled my "Home Health Services" and my (in home) "physical therapy " he wants me to get out more....I ask about....Church ....Restaurant stores....YES to all !!!!! I have been given my walking papers ....he said ...just ware your mask and don't touch your face till you wash your hands !!! So being with and around people. When I retired 2 years ago it was a big my husband....but 24 hrs a day and that's all I saw !!qqq1!!Come on!!!! .so I joined a few clubs and that's helped

Hi how long since your transplant. I was in hospital for 10 days nurses told me most people are there closer to 2 weeks 🙏after my reals I had to stay in near by hotel for 1 month had visitis allmost every day as the month went on it became less but I was a bad boy and came home on weekends it was a 2 hour bus ride home and I’d be back Sunday night😝I was still pretty foggy but I took it real easy plus I needed to see my dog Frank🐕

That’s great that you can get out more often I think the doctors want you to be as active as possible 💪 as long as you feel up to it 🙏🙏😝

I got my kidneys on Dec 20 2019....was a good Christmas And New Years although a lonesome one.....would rather be home!! But geez you can't have it all😊. I was in the hospital about 2 weeks and then had to go back once a week for almost 2 my stints out and now I'm going (3-19-19) once a month.....hope they say every 3 months...I live 2 1/2 hr's away...thanks for replying back.....I know we are all different...but it's interesting to hear the different stories. Take good care of husband has 9 beagles .....can you tell we are animal lovers !!!!???

9 beagels OMG lol wright now I only have to see my kidney specialist once every 3 months💪 And go for labs once a month 💪I also have a 2 hour drive to see my specialist we are definitely a special group you need to be STRONG willed to endure CkD and transplant as I’ve said it was truly a life changing experience I’ve totally changed my diet I exercise I did also changed my faith we may call him god or many other names I choose to call it a higher power🙏 Did I tell you I got a call from my transplant on my sisters birthday who unfortunately passed away while I was on dialysis 🙏 that to me was much more than the coincidence🙏🙏 are you on any other social media? I would love to send you a picture of Frank I have hundreds of them 🐕🙏😝

Yes, I am on "face book".....would love to see Frank..yes I would call that more than a coincidence. stay strong ....Be determined.....that's my motto!!!😷 are you still having to wear a mask ? Don't mind as much as I thought I would....just glad to be out !!!

Hi inky I only wear a mask when I’m at@hospital or clinic and of course sanitize my hands when I get there and when I leave it’s will be 10momths on March 24ththis is a date I will never forget the day’ my life changed forever for thebetter🙏It was a long and hard 7 years but I learnt a lot and I do neliebeim a better person now it definitly gave me strienght I,didmt know I had 💪I have so many stories I started writing them down I even wrote a,poem😀you can find me on fb under David Doyle there’s a,picture of me on ,y Harley ,and my dog at the,time Henry if you don’t find me send me your user name and I’ll look for you also be prepared I was a bit,of a bad boy before i got sick😀stay strong💪And healthy I also have lots,of kidney friendly food I eat,I just started juicing celery and a few other things hope to see you on facebook😝

I've never heard of it...count yourself double blessed...I have always said that I would like to see an artificial kidney implanted at the same time as a living donor kidney to have the opportunity for two working kidneys in a patient at recovery.

I have never heard of that either but you are blessed. I received my transplant Dec 4th, 2019. I went home the 9th. Here I am in the hospital, on March 14th, on my 30th birthday, with complications due to a narrowing of the artery and blockage in the ureter. I think it has something to do with the fact that they "gave me a kidney too larhe for my small frame".

Did you have stents when you came home! ? Wow you didn't have to stay long after your transplant!!!! I'm so sorry your in the hospital on your birthday!!!! I was there by myself on Christmas and New Years!!! Was so lonesome.... Think I May have called every person I knew!!!! Lol....I think I went on Amazon and shopped! Please let me know how things turn out for you.....Will be sending good vibes your way 🎈🎂🎈

Hi yes I had a stint it was in for about 2-3 weeks plus I had a urine bag they had to remove it because I started peeing so much the cathidor couldn t keep up 😝 best feeling in the world considering I wasn’t Abel to pee for 3 years while on dialyses🙏

Hey inky I did 7 years of dialyses virtually on my own and I’m still alone today I do have friends but most,of the live ina differentprovance than I do so I might see them once a year I thing that’s a big reason I looked for a site li,e this I wanted to become a mentor for dialyses paients which I am now😝

My transplant surgeon does this sometimes and even went back to the Philippines to teach other doctors his procedure. Not sure why he does this. I was in the hospital with a man who got two kidneys. He hadn't started dialysis yet and now has 4 functioning kidneys. I received a cadaver kidney 10/31/18. I'd been on peritoneal dialysis for 2 1/2 years. Still going for labs weekly. Creatinine is still elevated, was 3.1 this week.

I wasn't on dialysis before my double transplant( 12-20-19)..and was not taking some of my meds (I'm told) will elevate my blood sugar so I'm now on insulin.....I hope at some point I can go off the insulin !!! I have had some people make me feel like I have done something very selfish by taking 2 kidneys.....My last visit a week ago I mentioned this to my Dr. who got a little upset...he said that no one else in the region that they work with could match the tissue and blood type for the extra kidney so no one else wanted it and it would have been wasted had I not taken it. I still feel bad.... But at the time you get the call there is not much time to reason this all out.....I know there will be some who still think bad of me and that's ok. I will continue to do the best I can to take care of myself

I received two kidneys in March 2004. It changed my life the last 15 years but I’m trying to get back on the list again because I need another kidney transplant.

Good luck !!! Keep thinking positive !!!

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