Kidney Transplant
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New to the site....9 years post transplant. If you have not done so already, please have a discussion with your transplant team re the affects of immunosuppressants on the gut microbiome. It is not a question of "if" but "when" changes will occur. Recognize that there are many different opinions in and among all of the transplant centers, so be persistent in seeking and obtaining this information. For example, some centers do not want patients taking probiotics because of the addition of live organisms. I now take a 100B CFU, 15 strain capsule daily and gut feels great.

Also, prednisone can suppress vitamin D formation, so get it checked during next labs...request 25-hydroxy vit D test to see what your level is. There is a hugh amount

of research underway re vit D benefits and what the optimum level should be.

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Nice to hear someone bringing up supplements, doc's don't talk about them enough, you are spot on ...make sure of your research some supplements can interfere with your immunosuppressant 's


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