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My husband is waiting to get on list

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Hi. Brand New here! My husband was a NY Fire Dept member and has been on dialysis for 6/7 years now due to hypertension ( he was on duty during 9/11 I believe in my heart the cause of the illness). He finally agreed to go on the list as we convinced him that the whole family was tethered to dialysis not just him but unfortunately he ended having Cardiac Arrest in Dec. So here we are 4 heart surgeries later, still waiting to see if he gets on the list. Wondering what's next? He used to be such a larger than life person, now he's this skinny little thing. lol

Do they every age you out of the transplant list?

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I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through. 6/7 years on dialysis is so long and I can imagine not easy. Let's pray for miracles '17


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