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Officially on the List


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share some good news. Today, I got the call. I’m officially listed! I know my journey ahead of me is a long one but it was such a relief to get the call today I have a living donor as well. We are the same blood type so now I guess he has to have all the other tests done to see if he is approved. I didn’t know who to tell ( other than my husband) so I immediately thought of this group💚

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So pleased for you Nikki I know that feeling as I had thst call earlier this month and younjust want to shout it from the roof top but only people close to you and people going through CKD understand the thrill of being listed.

Congrats hopefully the live donor will work out for you. Keep us all posted.


Thanks!! I will!😁


That's great news for sure.

Don't know you personally, but going through it my self I'm really happy for you.

Just remember start getting healthy now.

Exercise as much as you can it will help after transplant in a big way.

For every day you recover you lose 3% of mussel mass.

3 to 4 months recover time more or less.

The stronger before is important.

God bless good luck and stick to your diet I'm 10 months post,and I have never felt so good in my live great great news.

Congratulations Nikki on being listed. I hope your donor’s tests are good and you have a successful healthy transplant very soon.

Nikki41775 in reply to anne627

Thanks!!! Me too!

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