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My journey

Hello I'm really happy that we have this forum to share our stories. My name is LanoraS I was first diagnosed in 1984 with nyphrotic syndrome, started peritoneal dialysis three years later which was also my senior year of high school. After graduation I received my first transplant in 1991 which worked for exactly ten days before rejecting and leaving my heartbroken, angry and depressed. Then being told that I could no longer do peritoneal dialysis and would have to begin hemodialysis which had me terrified.

I then began my life as a hemodialysis patient, which was really hard at times. But for seventeen years I dialyzed three days a week and at the same time I began to educate myself about my illness and my treatment. Which made it easier for me to cope and live with.

In June of 2007 I received the phone call that I've been waiting so many years for which was that there was a kidney which was a match and to come on in to the hospital. I am very happy to say that I received my kidney and it's been working perfectly 😊.

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Congratulations, my husband was on dialysis for only a year before I donated my kidney to him. I know he wouldn't have survived that long on dialysis. I admire your strength.

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Thank was wonderful that you were able to donate to your husband.


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