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Transplant Survivor!

Hello, My name is Shelley. I am so excited to be part of this! Allow me to share a little about myself. I was diagnosed with renal failure in the 1990's due to a Chronic Illness called Systemic Lupus Erythematous. Later I received the diagnosis of total renal failure resulting in six years of daily peritoneal dialysis. As time went by on dialysis, battle with infections from peritonitis, etc., I was eventually informed by the Medical Team that the possibility of my receiving a transplant were nil at best. I'd need a 100% match. That was indeed devastating. In my six years of dialysis, failing health, I received an unexpected call that there was a new medicine that has been developed and on market that I may benefit greatly from, thereby, improving my chances of not only becoming a better transplant candidate but greatly improving my chances of keeping the transplant. This was the most wonderful news I'd heard in a long time in regards to my health besides the day the hospital called me to let me know..."We have a kidney for you. Can you come to the hospital now?."

I will have had this beautiful gift for going on 21 years now this coming July! I am truly Blessed. There was a time in my life when I thought I'd wouldn't be hear to see my children grow up to adulthood or see my grandchildren. I have done both.

Now it is my time to give back. I participate in the Free Pre-screenings that the National Kidney Foundation holds in Arizona. I have spoken at different events, telling my story to inspire others not to GIVE UP.

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Hi there

I am also a kidney transplant patient of 25years in the uk

It was nice to hear from you I am also thankful for my kidney as you said what II have seen ie grandchildren grow up and get married a great grandson

I am 71 now and got hit with pmr spinal problems etc get my down days so come on here for a moan which helps don't feel so alone especially since I lost my husband

Who had been a fit man me unfit is still here to tell tell strange how things go so I must not moan about pain and whatever is going on with my body at moment

Glad you can do your bit but I don't think no matter what we do we will never be able to say a big eneogh thank you to the families of the donors

You take care and I hope to hear from you again June


Outstanding! 21 years and going strong - so great!

Keep up the great work Scallah. You give us all hope to meet you at the 21 year mark, going strong for many more years with you! Thanks for sharing:-)


You have a great story and thanks for sharing. It's awesome that you've had you transplant for 21 years.


Thanks Shelley for sharing such an important information. I'm also one of a kind. My name is Dias. Making 44 this July. I'm from Uganda. I suffered kidney problems for years and I was announced dead twice. People lost hope in me but God never sleeps. In 2005 my situation worsened again. I started dialysis. sold almost what ever I had to survive since the hospital had only the machines but had to buy all the necessary materials without even insurance so as to have dialysis. After about six month one of my young brothers who was very close all the time, said I'm tired of seeing you suffering. I've decided to give you one of my kidneys so that you can live your life again. In 2006 we flew to Japan and had our operation on December 29th. Both operations went well and both of us are living happily now. Two years after the operation my brother got married and he is blessed with 3 kids. I also married a Japanese lady and we were blessed with two kids though lost one at six month pregnancy. Now happy with a boy making 6 years this June 29th. Though I'm still taking medicine, but I look very Ok and I'm happy with my small young brother doing a great job inside me.


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