Hi this is my first time for being on here so I would like to say hallo to everyone

I had a kidney transplant 25 years ago I am shush 71 lol

I have other problems I.e a/f hips knee replacement ,ulcerative colitis spinal stenosis

And this nasty p m r

I am on the usual kidney drugs but also on a form of morphine and steroids touch wood kidney results have been ok is there anyone out there on steroids and are they having problems with it

As you can imagine I do not want to upset my kidney now but I sure as hell cant live with the pain from this p m r

Sorry for it being a rant on the first but I'm sure you people out there will understand

Love to hear from you take care

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience! We are continuing to develop this online community group and plan to officially launch it in June. Please check back in June to connect with other kidney transplant recipients.