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Kidney Donation
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Joining this community on the 7th anniversary of my kidney donation

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to be joining National Kidney Foundation's Online Community for Kidney Donation. Its a great idea and looking at the posts so far looks like provides a lot of good information, support and encouragement. Glad to be a part of the conversation.

Today is actually the 7th anniversary of my kidney donation which was performed at Lehigh Valley Transplant Center in Eastern Pennsylvania. My transplant is considered non-directed/anonymous so while I don't personally know my recipient it is definitely rewarding to have been a blessing in someone else's life journey.

Since my recovery from donation I have been active sharing my experience and increasing the visibility of living donation. I am a UNOS Ambassador, Living Donor Mentor and member of Team Philadelphia at the Transplant Games of America. Quick shot out to the Transplant Games - which are held every 2 years and a great celebration of the impressive impact of donation (both living and deceased). Over 6,000 recipients/donors come from across the country to compete and commemorate.

Looking forward to connecting with and encouraging members of this community.

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