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I was recently diagnosed with stage 3a CKD. I’ve probably had this for several years looking back at old test results, although I was told I was “probably just dehydrated”. We recently moved and my new GP advised me of this condition after my annual checkup. My GFR has gone from 53 to 47 in the past six months. I was advised to stop taking Meloxicam for my arthritis, which I have done. I was on double the normal dose for 4 years. I’m hoping my GFR will improve now I’m no longer taking the Meloxicam. I’m planning on getting an appointment with a renal specialist, even though my GP didn’t suggest this. I don’t have any symptoms, other than swollen ankles, which was thought to be due to my arthritis. No protein in the urine, so that’s good. Hoping to get some advice and encouragement here, specifically whether anyone has seen any improvement after stopping NSAID medications. Thanks in advance!

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NSAIDs shouldn't be taken by anyone with CKD. For minor aches and pains, you can use Tylenol. However, don't overdo that as it can lead to liver issues.If you'd like to know more about CKD before your appointment with the nephrologist you can go to and register for a free, virtual, 90-minute Kidney Smart class. Lots of key information and resources for you and a great way to develop questions for the doctor.

One other item, each lab will be a snapshot of that time, and stopping the NSAID may help your GFR increase but time will tell if any permanent harm was done.

Best of luck.

Thanks very much for the helpful info!

Hi and welcome. I’ve found GP’s aren’t that interested as well ! My advice - and I’m quite new to discovering I have this as well although looking at past test results, I’ve had it a while- is to drink two litres of water a day, reduce the salt and protein in your diet. Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. I’ve gone plant based in my diet almost and feel ten years younger ! Try and get your GP to re-do your blood tests. Good luck.

PS , my swollen ankles and hands are so so much better !

Thanks for the good advice. I’m going to get an appointment with a renal nutritionist as well. Maybe this will end up helping my health in general!

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I too had been taking Meloxicam (for about 1 year) prescribed by a GP; and when I moved and got a new Doctor I was told not to take it. My eGFR was monitored and I was later diagnosed at CKD level 3b, based on eGFR and other bloodwork, which indicated I have CKD. My eGFR had been declining for several years. I am now on prescribed CKD diet and the CKD progression has slowed.

I wish there was more education about NSAIDs, especially among doctors! If we hadn’t moved I’d still be on Meloxicam. I was on it for 4 years and most of that time on double the usual dose due to severe arthritis. Hopefully I can make some more changes that will help slow down the progression. I’m currently stage 3a. I hope you continue to do well on your CKD diet.

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I wish too that Doctors were more aware of NSAIDS like Meloxicam, when patient has declining eGFR. In meantime keep track of your eGFR results. Maybe discuss this with your new Doctor, and ask if a CKD diet would be in order.

What are you taking now for your pain instead of NSIDs please? I’m in the same boat. I’ve been told to switch to Tylenol but it does nothing!

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I haven’t had much luck with Tylenol either, even on the very high dose my doctor recommended (3-4,000mg/day) and I don’t want to mess up my liver too! I’ve had my right hip & knee replaced and my other hip & knee may also eventually need replacing. I have arthritis in my spine and I was advised I also need ankle fusion surgery on both feet due to arthritis. My new doctor has prescribed Tramadol 3x day. Yesterday I started on just one pill a day split morning & evening and it has helped a bit, especially at night. I know opiates have a bad rap but without the Meloxicam I’d be back using a cane or walker. I hope you find some relief for your pain.

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