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Borderline high creatinine and gfr

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Would like some advice or perspective from anyone who may be able to give it .

Basically I have been given a creatitine score of 111 and gfr of 77

Last year it was 100 to 78 gfr

28 year old male , used to live a bit unhealthy but am alot better I do get the odd pain in my kidney region , and have been fatigued

I do suffer with sinus problems so I'm not sure where the fatigue is coming from

From research my scores are borderline but could still indicate stage 2 ckd still waiting other test with protein in urine.

If anyone has been here would like to here your views also anyone with professional advice


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WYOAnneNKF Ambassador

There a lot of things that can make your creatinine and eGFR levels vary. Were you hydrated when you had your labs done? Did you do vigorous exercising that day or the day before? Did you have a protein rich meal the night before your labs?

One slightly off lab does not make CKD. Labs need to be done more often (every 3-6 months) and the doctor/nephrologist looks for a trend. He not only looks at your blood work but also your urine.

If you are concerned you need to talk with your doctor. Maybe have your blood and urine tests repeated. If you do that just make sure you have kept up with your fluids, don't exercise the day before and don't go out for a big steak dinner the night before. Ha, ha.

It takes time for a doctor to determine whether it's early stages of CKD or not.

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Ljae1 in reply to WYOAnne

Thanks alot for your advice .

I do go to the gym and do love a good steak from time to Time .

They say anything under 100 umol creatitine is okay and over 60 gfr is okay .

I am going to change my diet even more and repeat test and stay as hydrated as possible as I may not be drinking as much as I should but I do try

I just see that my scores do indicate its not functioning that great for my age but I dont want to worry for no reason .

I think it's because I get very fatigued and when a docter asked for a repeat test it got my mind going on a trip and doing research .

But I really appreciate you taking time to message me and wish you the best of health .

I agree with Anne do bloods monthly and see what results you get so you can get a better idea of what’s going on.

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Thanks for your reply

I did my last 2 tests a year apart

2019 _ was 100 creatinine 78 gfr

2020_111 creatitine 77 gfr

So it was a rise I'm creatinine but nothing really in gfr I dont understand how to read that as it's a bit misleading .

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Use a gfr calculator online, just plug in your age, gender, race and creatinine level it should calculate your gfr.

My nephrolgist said that the best and most relaible indicator is the 24 hour urine sample test .

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7Aloha7 in reply to Allank

A 24 hour urine, Creatinine Clearance, is the best test to get a reliable Creatinine reading and GFR reading. Both values can fluctuate and looking at a trend in numbers over a period of many months gives you a better idea of your kidney health.

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