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Clear Urine


I knew that there is a problem with my kidneys when I noticed that my urine is completely clear. And I was right. Anyone else experienced that? Did it ever go away?

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BassetmommerNKF Ambassador

Hi Jojo,

I am not sure why you feel that having clear urine is a indicator for kidney disease. It means that you are well hydrated or maybe too hydrated. I drink a lot of water to help flush my kidneys since they are impaired. I drink about 62 ounces of water a day. That what was recommended by health care team.

I see that you are new to CKD. Please take the time to read through information that is evidence based, or in other words medically sound. And always check with your doctor about things before you take something or change a habit.

You said in a previous post you were at Stage 2 which is very mild CKD. But that you are taking a lot of meds for BP. Some BP meds are also diuretics which mean they flush the system out. Be aware that this can also dehydrate you which is not good either.

You said in your post your were petrified. Don't be. Be come aware. Learn what you can about CKD from reliable sources. Take classes. Learn about diet. Learn about the connection of lupus and CKD. There is comfort in finding out there are others with similar situation.

You are in control of how CKD can progress by getting a plan of action which includes diet and working with your healthcare providers to keep you healthy. It is possible to slow any further reduction in you kidney function. There are many of us on this site who are stage four and even five who are living full lives without dialysis. This is not to say you will get to those stages, especially if you become proactive now.

Clear urine is great. Clear urine with absolutely no color is not. Which is yours?

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I would say that 60% of the time it is absolutely clear.

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If it has absolutely no color at all, you might be overhydrating and creating an imbalance in your electrolytes. Even when I drink three liters of water a day, my urine is clear but with a light straw color.

Hi there, My urine was clear too.

I started on an all fruit, alkaline diet and barely any protein and my kidneys started filtering properly and I now see sediment and slight haze in my urine ~ My GFR is 63 so I’m trying to improve my GFR by sticking to this diet.

Thank you, that’s very helpful and makes a lot of sense. What kind of alkaline foods do you eat?

I eat either a small wedge of watermelon, honey dew or cantaloupe ..... I have a salad for lunch and for dinner I make my own vegetable soup ( celery, onion, carrots and pumpkin and seasoned with garlic ~ it is a very bland soup but I’m getting used to it :) and for dessert I have stewed fresh apple with cinnamon.

Most fruit and veggies are alkaline and dairy, meat and grains are acidic and if we have kidney disease our kidneys struggle to filter the waste out from the acidic foods and drinks and especially from animal protein.

Fruit is best for getting the kidneys to filter... just watch your potassium and phosphorus intake here.

You didn’t mention what your GFR is? Mine is 63.... hopefully following this alkaline diet my GFR will have increased so fingers crossed.

Hope you are feeling a bit better?

Thank you. You are probably losing a ton of weight. My GFR is 73,. It’s all so scary.

It is scary isn’t it... I’ve lost 26 kg in 8 months which should take some strain off my kidneys. Got 10 more kilos to go.

I hope I can get my GFR back up to 73 like you 🌸

Mine is clear almost all the time too except first urine in the morning. Then as I drink water throughout the day it gets clear... almost no color at all. I just had kidney function tests done as well as urine tests and dr said all is fine; so I wouldn’t worry about clear urine. :)

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