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PD Catheter Surgery

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I am having surgery on Monday for placement of a PD catheter. From my research it appears to be quite straight forward, my questions regards post op recovery. I've read numerous discharge instructions and they vary quite a bit, e.g. no driving for 5 days on one, no mention of driving on another. I believe I am well prepared to minimize infection but would like to know how you feel and what is a reasonable period of time before I an return to work (office work).

Any advise from those with experience with PD catheter surgery is appreciated.


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In addition to standard post-op care, your physician will most likely provide you with specific care plans tailored just for you. It will depend on how your procedure goes. Try not to focus too much on that right now. Get the rest you need and follow all pre-surgery steps and when you are in Recovery your doctor will swing by and see how you are doing. That's the time and the person to ask about specific post-op care for you. Asking what someone else had to do may not do anything for you so wait until you wake up and speak to your doctor. Internet comments are just generic in nature and that's probably why you are finding differences.

Hi Fleo,

I had the procedure 2years ago on the 23rd Dec. I was last on the list for the day so I was kept in overnight then sent home.

Shortly after the procedure a renal PD nurse came and partly filled my peritoneum to flush out and check all ok.

I rested over Christmas and started pd as day patient on 19th jan for 1 day then pd nurse came to my house in the mornings for the first exchange (4days) then onn my own.

With CAPD the key is scrupulous hygiene control. Especially a proper 3 minute hand wash each time you exchange.

I used my study and my office chair was perfect for me.

CAPD worked really well for me and my health was transformed within 2 weeks of starting.

I am now on nocturnal HHD, I damaged my catheter (my fault) which gave me a gamma negative infection and would not go away even after a second catheter insertion.

Be kind to yourself and follow our renal nurses advice and all will be good.

Best wishes and look forward to improving health.


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Thanks for your input and advice. I think I am on board with taking it slower than I want in getting back to work (I own my own businesses) but decided I can do most of what I need to with a phone and a computer. From all my reading the common thread with success of PD is avoiding infections. I had kind of a check list mentality so I think I can follow a set protocol. I'm dedicating one room which is being super cleaned and sanitized. I do have a blessing of having a wife who is a well experienced RN, but it is my intent to manage this on my own. I am opting for the CAPD option. After the surgery and healing the next issue will be starting. My doctor is leaning toward sooner rather than later and since I am not experiencing any symptoms I prefer to be prepared by delay starting dialysis. I guess I'll address that after the first step is successful.



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