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Kidney Disease
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Pain on the left side

Hi everyone I am 41 years old and my kidney filtration is at 25% as I have PKD for the past year so many things changed I am in a lot of pain,no sleep,depression,recently they found stones in my left kidney and I have had pain on my left side of the stomack for over 2 months now and have been going from one doctor to another and nobady knows what is this pain and where is it comming from my stomack even gets swollen on that side sometimes goes down to my lower abdomen and even my leg hurts,does anyone else has similar symptoms I do not know what to do or where to go anymore and the pain sometimes is very sharp stabbing pain?

Thank you all in advance.

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Hope this text reaches you in better spirits.

I understand PKD and am very sorry .

I'm sure you are on a ton of medications.

I'm 10 months post kidney

I do remember the pain,discomfort,and swelling.

Very uncomfortable for sure.My advise to you

Is to get a good dietitian that has ( Renal exspeariance )

As long as I stayed hydrated and kept the toxins to a minimum it helped alot

That's the best I advise I could give you

God's bless and good luck.


Thank you so much for responding I really appreciate it my water intake is about 5L every day and I am watching what I eat too but I guess I do need professional advice when it comes to eating what I am worried for is this pain all of a sudden that I am having which I did not have before I do not know if this is connected to my PKD or is it something else?


Are you seeing a Nephrolotist,if so they should be able to help you.

You may have a kidney stone.

Are you taking medications,might be the cause.

Asprin,or any type of pain med. Is bad for kidneys.

I was taking aspirin and Nyquil all the time and my sides did hurt and lower back hurt bad sometimes.Stop asprin and outher pain meds and im sure it will give you some if not complete relief and make sure you talk to a Dietition with renal experience

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Thank you I will do that and yes I do have stones too but the doctor said if they are not moving I should not have pain from it and he prescribed oxycodone for the pain 😒


Ok good to know.

Get on the internet and look up oxy affects on kidney and liver.

Sometimes we have to doctor our selves.

My transplant team put me on loratab.

I would defiantly bring it up with you doctor

Don't get carried away with your symptoms .

I'm not saying you are, but sometimes we can subconsciously be our word enemy I was.dont let up on asking questions bother the he'll out of your Drs

That's what we have to do.


Ok thank you so much for the advice I do need some kind of guidance as I did not even know that this kind of disease even exists and I am so lost in everything that is going on with my body,thank you again.


Hi Melly77-

The oxy for your pain/kidney stones is a good alternative, it will NOT affect your kidneys adversely. Once we can no longer take anti inflammatories, (ibuprofen, Celebrex, aspirin) those synthetic pain meds (narcotics ) are only alternative.

I’m wondering if you have kidney stone AND back pain (back spasms from carrying so much other pain).

Stay in touch w your nephrology Dr and primary care Dr. Take the pain medicine.

Very much hope in time there will be improvement. Stones can take awhile to pass.




Thank you so much I need all info that I can get to educate my self since this is going to be a long road with lots of pain and changes.I am seeing nephrologist every month now and we are running some extra tests to see why this pain on the left side of the abdomen,the worst thing is it's been 2 months and still nothing but the pain is still here almost every day 😒


Yes what barb said

I just did not know how to say it to you sorry.

BUT your closer to some relief.

Mind over matter some times keep looking up kiddo.

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Thank you so much.


I'm not new to PKD. I was diagnosed 40 years ago. I've had about 50+ kidney stones, no fun. Pain from PKD can be vague and often in places we wouldn't expect. You may want to consider PKD.org for more information on pkd and how to manage things. Talk to your nephrologist. Ask if you need a referral to a renal dietitian. They can help you limit/reduce your protein intake which *may* prolong your kidney function. Be cautious about drinking too much, again consider consulting your nephrologist about appropriate amounts of fluid intake. If you have more questions just ask away. Many Blessings


Thank you so much for all the advise you guys gave me I really appreciate it.


I've been having pain on my left side for the past couple of months as well - although my pain is more dull in nature. I went through a couple of ultrasounds and multiple blood tests with no conclusive causes (no kidney stones found). My PCP suggested that my kidneys/cysts may be growing (I have PKD) and that may be the cause.

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Thank you for replying to my post that's what my doctor said too so they said if they are big enough they are going to poke them hopefully that's what is causing all the pain and not something else.

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