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New to all this, love this site!

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Guess i'll try fasting every other day. 25 lbs over weight, with diabetes, hi bp, and stage 3a CKD. Losing weight, and exercise seem to be the best thing I hear so far. And being optimistic would not hurt I'm sure. Anything else someone can add , would be a big help. Dave D.

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Not sure where you got the idea of fasting every other day but before you begin let me offer some advice. I have T2D, Hypertension and am also Stage 3 CKD. The worse thing for you is to go on a fasting diet. Yes, you have to be careful of what you eat, but you do have to eat. Contact you nephrologist and obtain a referral to a Renal Dietitian. Bring to that appointment hard copies of your last 6-12 months of your blood/urine lab results.

The RD will then help you develop a kidney-friendly meal plan designed for you based on your needs. With high bp one thing, you'll probably have to reduce is your sodium intake. Other items to reduce, but not eliminate are protein, phosphorous, potassium, and calcium.

To give you some idea of what you will have to do, I'd suggest you use for a multiple of things. You can look at their many recipes see what you will have to be eating. The recipes are designed for those who are CKD, with Diabetes and either on dialysis or not. The recipes are not to be taken as is. For example, I make adjustments to them based on my specific likes and needs, always using something else when appropriate.

Eventually, you will find other sources of CKD meal plans but DaVita is a great place to begin. Also, at that site, you can register for a free 90-minute Kidney Smart class in your area. The class will cover many things, including diet, that will calm your fears and guide you along this path. If you aren't in the USA then I'd recommend going to and go through each module and learn what you can. The modules are set up for you to go as fast or as slow as you need. You can develop great questions to ask your nephrologist and Renal Dietitian.

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Very well stated Mr Kidney. Nutrition is important.

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Thanks alot Mr Kidney, feeling calmer already, like the no fasting part. From Baltimore, so I'm sure there is a kidney smart class nearby. Your a breath of fresh air, and we'll talk again for sure,

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Mr. Kidney gave you great advice. I am going to add what I learned. Fasting is not the way to go to lose weight when you have kidney disease. It puts the body in to a stressed mode and will actually be harmful to the kidney. This is what the certified renal dietician told me. Fasting is ok when it is short term and you are healthy. Changing your diet to a renal diet will be much better for you in the long run and for the health of your kidneys. You certainly can lose weight on a renal diet. I have T2D, CKD 3 and have to be careful about BP but I lost 21 pounds in four months and it has stayed off. Quite often people rebound really bad after a "crash" diet. I hope you will take the time to become educated about healthy foods and diets for CKD.

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Being proactive and your own best advocate is the best way to ensure you maintain your health and stay off dialysis for as long as possible. Learn all you can and check out as many sites as possible and stay informed on the approved, proven treatments and remember the more knowledge you gain the stronger your voice can be in helping yourself as well as others.

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Thanks to everyone who commented, a treat indeed. Was really worried, had a liver transplant last year. It's doing good. With at least 20lbs of extra weight I hate the big gut look, Getting used to being in shape will suit me just fine, along with minimal complications! Blessings, Humble44

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Hi Humblr44!

As those have said above, fasting is a bad idea! Also, diabetic and renal hybrid diets are possible! I'm currently on one and have been for many years (I was never diabetic, but it helped my sugars from crashing), so you just need to make sure to talk to a dietitian about your needs. Eating smaller meals personally helps me to keep a healthy weight, so hopefully you can try it. Good luck!

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I have lost 6 stones in weight and reversed my T2 Diabetes (had for over 22 years) following intermittent fasting and low carb/no sugar regime - I follow Jason Fung Kidney specialist. I am now very active and feel amazing at 62 - think there is new thinking around fasting. I am stage 3b CKD and recently diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine so although got t2 under control I still have a battle to fight. I do think the answers are in what you do or don’t eat but getting proper support and advice is impossible with so many conflicting views. But I suppose you must follow your own path.

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